Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mitochondria and metabolism

Ok, more on this "cell-powerhouse". I remember being fascinated with it in my 5th std biology and then forgot about it.

There really is very little known except that they control the metabolic functioning of the cell and that stress shuts them down. To improve your metabolic rate seems to be key - with exercise, diet and suppliments like magnesium, zinc and iron, manganese and Vitamins A and C.

I think that homeopathic and biochemic suppliments of these are the right way to go long term.  

I think being careful and slow is key!!

As cautions about messing with metabolism I'm using two personal tragic examples:

1. Laxmi's example: She slept her way through her life after being paralyzed as a very young adult. I gave her Zinc sulph cm for her early onset of hard cataract. Her physical activity skyrocketed the next day with her jumping on tables after the cats, leaping from sofa to sofa, etc. Her mental activity also went off the charts with 3 sleepless days and nights of ceaseless motion that I couldn't attribute to anything but the zinc sulph cm. Then the decline set in and she began losing her balance, smashing into things until she was exhausted. By the 4th night she vanished (presumed dead - I searched everywhere for her for a week, couldn't locate the body). I'm assuming the zinc increased the brain activity or the body:brain

2.Peppy's example: Peppy was a plump tiny spitz mix who would huff and puff to walk, but was enthu for anything. She drew Magnesium mur 10m for a few weeks which I gave her once a day. She drew other potencies, but this was strongest, so I gave it to her. She lost weight rapidly to the point where she was a skeleton and died in a few weeks. Her metabolic activity increased to instability - I'm assuming that she needed some other stuff (I tried a lot of remedies, couldn't locate another) as well as Mag mur because she drew that until her dying breath.

I didn't know enough to save both of them, but just enough to regret giving those remedies. Now I kind of understand what went wrong, the remedies increased metabolism, but at that time I didn't. (Mag mur, was alkaline and should have been balanced with something more acidic, Zinc Sulph is too acidic and needed something like Mag or Kali to balance, both should have been given in low potency first!)

Mitochondria are essential to motor-neuron transmittors and play a vital role in the spinal functioning. Knowing how to increase, heal or improve their functioning can save many, many dog and cat lives. The thing is to do it carefully in sick animals - whether with mineral suppliments or with homeopathy and biochem salts.

The sea remedies might also be drawn so much because of the evolution of mitochondria from the ocean bacteria. The halogens, the sea animals and plants probably have the nutrient balance more correct than land animals.

Two sites, Mitochondria rejuvenation and Mike's Daily Apple give some terrific information about mitochondria. One on healing multiple sclerosis and the other on how it works. Dr. Terry Wahl has a lot of information since she's the one who cured herself of MS with a mitochondrial diet.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Nux vom evenings, Lycopodium mornings

During the Full Moon (for spasms, epiliform convulsions):

My Ancient has improved after I started giving him Nux Vom 200 in the evenings (worse, after sundown, full moon, muscular spasms drawing to the left) and Lycopodium 50m mornings (worse, daytime, full moon, muscular spasms drawing to the left). Since yesterday.

He's not yowling and sleeping well. He even ate on his own in the evening. Fingers crossed!

Another screwball theory :)

I've had the weirdest obsession with the e=mc2 formula for a couple of months now. I thought I'd write it down to get rid of it.:)

My mind keeps running around these phrases "energy is twice the matter/mass" and "I need to give the tincture so that the homeopathy has some matter to convert into energy" and on and on along those lines.

I know I like this combination of Reiki and Homeopathy because I believe the latter has a matter to energy connection that's missing in most healing systems, while Reiki has the most powerful means of discovering the right remedy and potency and delivering it (if I give it with hands-on healing).

My process is still tedious and primitive but it could radically improve if I stumble upon something. Something like the means of delivering the energy to the body in an efficient way. Or the material portion has some means to indicate when it is sufficient to change the energy bit.

Right now I am struggling with so many remedies (and ideas and systems) that I have only a faint notion of how to use them. I think of each of my posts as a singularity - a one-off separate entity. But when I have enough of these to create and understand a pattern, I should have a very powerful system to heal all my animals.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mitochondria and our Chi energy!

Brian Cox the same BBC program brought up something interesting - he said that the mitochondria in our cells were originally bacteria engulfed by archaea, primitive amoeba, which then protected it. This symbiotic relationship allowed the archaea to absorb the energy generated by the bacteria to replicate, creating the cells that make up most of the higher forms of life - plants, animals, reptiles, birds, etc.

I immediately thought, "Oh, so the mitochondria generate the Ki!" in Rei-ki (or Chi).That led me to thinking that we (the animals, or my dogs specifically :) are probably dying because their mitochondria aren't functioning right.

Well, guess what!

I was surprised to see a bunch of sites about it in plant and animal common ancestors and a research paper that postulate the same:

This one "Mitochondria as chi" states that "human diseases affecting a wide range of organs could result from systemic defects in energy metabolism and, second, hereditary human diseases could result from mutations in the non-Mendelian mtDNA. Consequently, mitochondrial biology and genetics become excellent candidates for expanding the anatomical and Mendelian paradigms to address the complexities of the age-related diseases, aging, and cancer."

"Yet every oxidative organism retains an mtDNA and virtually all organisms of the fungal–animal lineage retain the same mtDNA genes. Hence, the retention of these genes in the mtDNA must be importan."

So someone other than me seems to have seen the same possibility of mitochondria malfunctioning across generations to inherit what we call 'miasms' in homeopathy. He even discusses how stress produces mitochondrial malfunction and death - one of the things that's been on my mind for months (Kitpit and the other accident victims died long after the actual stress in a systemic failure of their body's functions).

He even sees what I see - that aging is related closely to stress, weather-season (Indians usually age at the end of the monsoon) and immunity. Something called 'vitagenes' go off.

This is something I really like!!

The other sites make this endosymbiosis a great deal more complicated by science, but is good to glance through anyway. The truth is that we're healing this "mitochondrial malfunction". If it is due to stress or shock, it isn't inherited in a faulty fashion. But the same stress or shock on a faulty mitochondria will just make the organism shut down and die.

I've always known that for seeds to grow, they need bacteria starters - the main reason to object to genetically-modified food, according to me. The seed kernel is home to a bunch of bacteria outside the cell's mitochondria. Somehow they get the cell multiplication going and the plant will only stop if there's shock, trauma or no resources to survive.

The inside of a coconut or a fig is literally thriving in chi - this is what we don't see as common to our own vitality.

Maybe that's why movement like in Tai chi is powerful - we're directing our focus internally and making our bodies move in stress-free, balanced rhythms that harmonizes mitochondrial activity. From what I know of bacteria, they're amazingly shy.:)
Haha, I mentioned this theory to my Mom and she's as smart as a whip. She said, "If archaea and bacteria existed the Ki/Chi (internal energy) should have already existed!" So I thought it through and said, "they were only made of Rei (cosmic energy)". But she's right. This theory has some huge holes - the main one being that the bacteria and archaea existed before and were living beings. So much for simplistic thinking.:)
But dying does seem to be the mitochondria calling out to other bacteria that 'this one is toast, come and feast'. The process takes a few years, the battle won a few times by antibiotics, but the war is lost.
More when I figure out more!:)

Scientific understanding

I was watching an interesting tv program about human development and Pf. Brian Cox said something very true: that Science is just asking simple questions and observing small regularities until we have a pattern, an intellectual framework by which we can answer the larger questions. That the 'how does it work' comes before the 'why does it work'.

I think that's where homeopathy is at - we still have to know how it works before we can build a model of why it works. We know that homeopathy changes us in regular ways - certain remedies in certain ways and others in other. The singularities of successful healing don't matter until we find the regular pattern that is common to both successful and unsuccessful attempts at healing with these potencies.

One pattern is the aggravation - I've never seen an energy medicine work without at least a few minutes to a half an hour of an absorbing or rejecting aggravation.
Another common pattern is the vibration - I can feel the pills vibrating on my tongue spreading through my body. I have seen very weak dogs bodies vibrate entirely with a high dose of Tuberculinum, especially when it is too much to absorb all at once (not the right way to heal).
 Another pattern is the change - it changes the being in some new direction, for better or worse.

Beyond this we need the materia medica to understand how the remedy works in a normal body as opposed to what it does in our particular instance of usage. More later.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Psorinum again for the winter

I was holding out on giving Psorinum because of my previous experience with it even though I knew it was a good winter preparation remedy. I was hoping to help animals this winter without it. But Kitpit's sister with the terrible breathing has been missing since yesterday - I feel terrible about having not helped her more. I was trying out the respiratory remedies of Electrohomeopathy and she responded to Teucrinum 10m her breathing improved with distant Reiki itself on the night of the 30th of Nov, but disappeared on the 1st.

I added it to the food on the 1st and 2nd, but she didn't eat when I was looking. I feel guilty for not having tried enough before - I know I don't know enough yet to save lives, but it always seems to be too little, too late. I'm so frustrated.

I decided that I will go ahead and try the nosodes. I know they helped 2 years ago in a mixed blessing kind of way. But maybe the nosodes will save lives.

When I tested them on Ancient, I was surprised that he didn't draw Bacillinum. He drew a little Tuberculinum 30, but much more strongly he drew Psorinum 1m and 10m. I gave him a sniff of 1m first, but he wouldn't stop yowling, so a sniff of 10m followed in 10 mins. He's been a changed dog to a great extent for the half-hour since.:)

Kenchu and Icy and myself all drew Psorinum 1m, so tomorrow, that's what everyone is getting in the food. I should have liked to give Sulphur first, but I'll do that later if I find I need to activate it further - I remember Sepia, Carcinosin and others reduced the excesses of Psorinum the last time, so that's on the cards too for use.

I'm so sick of dogs and cats dying from me not trying enough often enough. I think the problem is that I'm too cautious, too intellectual and methodical for the bold kind of healing that needs to happen. Heal and be damned, to misquote the famous publisher's statement.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ancient's leg

This is Ancient, and his healed leg. I put his pic in the hope that he will get well and be a happy dog soon. He's not there yet - windy weather still takes a toll on his nervous system and skeletal system that I can't begin to describe, but I hope to heal him fully one day!

I let Kitpit and so many others down, but no more. I think the remedies for all these cases might be Gnaphalium and either Nux mos or Myristica. Among others.

I've got A Windy Set now that has fluor ac., Myristica, Rhododendron, Gnaphalium, Asterias, Ruta. If this is given as a storm brews, it prevents a lot of problems - nerve and lymph.

But one of more is wrong in that set, or the potency is, because they have a slightly long aggravation. It needs adjustment.

More soon.