Saturday, October 18, 2014

A honeymoon begins with Electro-homeopathy

My honeymoon with Bach flower remedies seems to have worn out with the ferocity of Cyclone Hudhud's effect on the animals! Bach can't work its wonders in weather-related degeneration.

But that reality is a huge learning experience for me. I was struggling to figure out what homeopathic remedies relate to the moon cycle, which ones are primarily weather related, and which ones are independent of both. Without Bach flower remedies being so clearly related to the moon cycle, I would never have developed the clarity with which I see the weather effects today.

The body electric: Immuno-nervous connection:
Asterias is at the center of my new knowledge about healing for the body's reaction during these extreme weather shifts, especially at the end of the monsoon. Physostigma is another. Camphora a little earlier with Kitpit, etc. I haven't yet got to really checking them out - I've stuck with Asterias 3, 6 this time.

But Viscum Album was in the list my search generated, and that reminded me that I've always wanted to try Electro-Homeopathy's main remedies which I didn't have in my home. They're secretive, which is silly, but I think they've got a good idea of the connection between the earth changes and the body's electric.

I've got a vague idea of what they're about from what I've read. I most especially want to try Viscum Album (white, general invigoration) and Sambucus (yellow, mitigating), Populus (green, mitigating) which are for the opposite of what Rhododendron (red, stimulating) and Capsella (blue, stimulant) do.

If I got so many results from Rhododendron, inadvertently, I have often thought how much more I'd get out of using the right remedy the way Electro Homeopathy has studied been using it. The minute I got the idea that weather hurts their electrical integrity yesterday, I decided to follow it up. After all, Bach flower remedies have astonished me so recently with Gunda's transformation, and all the other dog's peaceful growth..

This morning I got the rest, all in 6x, and had instant success with Sambucus. The effect was more relaxing to Ancient than Gardinal 30 mg. Gardinal disappointingly worked only for an hour last night, after which the tremors returned to be healed by Asterias; this morning it worked for 2 hours, so I've still kept them around for more tries in case the length builds up with more use. Sambucus (maybe working with Asterias) worked for 4 hours in the first dose, letting Ancient recover enough from virtually continuous small seizures and panic to a point when he could eat and drink.

Just now Ancient drew Viscum Alb 6x over Rescue (and Rescue used to give him so much relief before! Do our bodies get immune to some remedies?) just before a panic attack or a build up to an epileptic fit. More when I have more. I haven't tried Populus yet (it's Aspen in Bach flower remedies, which he's drawn but I've not followed up on).

My fingers are crossed as a new cyclone develops over Chennai-Ceylon. Don't want to lose another animal if I can help it.
19 Oct update: Disappointingly, only two doses worked to relax Ancient. Beyond that he was suffering again. Of course, I haven't used the electrohomeopathic version, just a homeopathic version of the Samb 6x, but like Bach, the force of the weather changes just can't be met by either more doses or by the remedy.

Asterias rules and even though I hate that it is an animal source (the poor starfish), it meets most of the symptoms better than any remedy before it. Cicuta compliments it.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cyclones, the Immuno-Nervous system and Possible remedies

On the 13th, the cyclone Hubhub made landfall in Andhra Pradesh, but it wasn't news to me. The way the dogs and cats were behaving for 3 days before that, I knew there was something big brewing on the weather front.

The little black kitten dying, mother cats moving their kittens to new locations, the endless, endless piteous begging for food by all the cats, Kenchu peeing in his sleep, Icy's renewed redness of skin, Ancient keeping me awake nights, the excessive excitement of Howl and the irritability of Gunda. The cats and dogs show an immuno-nervous system response probably protective in its ancient wisdom, certainly healthy animals are geared up for climate change, but a killer to the unhealthy and sick.

After years of observing this phenomenon, and now writing about it for a year, I'm so frustrated that I still don't know how to cure it. But here are some things I know from this latest severe weather condition:

* Weather change effects on the body, starting 3 days before, have
- electrical (nervous system),
- barometric (ears, tonsils, throat, immune system) and
- temperature (skin, intestines) components.

* The overall effect resembles an epileptic fit to the body

* In dogs, it has regularity (4 am- 4 pm aggr in dogs), panic and fear, desire to hide, restlessness, muscular stiffness, frequent loss of control (mood, urine), lethargy (loss of consciousness), accelerated repetition, stereotypic behaviours, overexcitation until adaptation (which the sick don't have).

* In cats there's aggression, fear/fearlessness, frequently misdirected signals like binge-hunger, desire to climb, exaggerated reflexes/falls (loss of control), fur standing on end, respiratory/eye glue/suffocated breathing, mucus membranes dry/overproduction and wandering/getting lost (panic/forgetfulness).

* The remedies most drawn in this problem comes from Ranunculaceae (Puls, Staph, Clem, Aco, Ran b/sc, Actea r) and Leguminosae (Physostigma, Cedron, Lathyrus, Baptisia, Indigo, etc.).

* I used to see Rhododendron (Ericaceae) as very useful, but after Kitpit's epileptic fits and reading Electro-homeopathy (where they use it for stimulation, not for relaxation), I've stayed away from it.
This immuno-nervous combination is what I cured in all my sucessful cases -- Borax 50m in Dollu, Causticum and Graphites 50m in Blackie, Asterias in the little white kitten (which improved and then died), Camphora in Kitpit, Gelsemium 50m in Stripes, Physostigma in Icy, Actea r in the black kite, Pulsatilla in the Loop road cancer dog and Pummi (died), Ruta in myself, Terebinth in Rocky/Sakare (died), Ran b in the shelter puppies, Bacillinum in Icy?, Syphilinum in the puppy in the V'ngr poor house set (who grew tall in a week!). If you do a search using "Epilepsy weather' as search words.

[The ones that died I think I used too little, too few doses, was too late, and used very low potencies too tentatively, and that they had a handicap I didn't/couldn't treat simultaneously - Kitpit had that 30 ft fall, Rocky/Sakare had the spinal fracture from the car accident, the little white kitten who was abandoned by the mother was brought to me by the servants after 3 days of starvation in the empty neighbour's house ... and was killed by Pummi. Pummi herself, poor murderess, had tumors, dropsy and finally blood vomit to kill her.]
That's it for now, so sleepy.:) As a kindness to Ancient, I've given him 30 mg of Gardinal today. It's the first time I've used it, so fingers crossed that he isn't hurt by my resorting to allopathy to give him some rest. It's been a lousy week for him, poor darling. I'll do this until I can see him get some of his strength up and homeopathy works. More later on what I did right in those cases soon and Homedes' epilepsy set.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The need to think!:)

Ok, like most of us in the information age, I don't spend a lot of my day thinking. I'm constantly reading or downloading information, movies, vids, but don't spend much time processing and digesting it. It's fine in a life post-education to vegetate like that, but I'm beginning to see that thinking is the easiest thing to postpone and procrastinate about.

I've got a lot of thinking to do now that I've got Bach to add to my basic homeopathy. I realise that I can't do without either - Bach is great for the moon cycle, very few bottles to store and relatively simple to use. Homeopathy, though infinitely more complex, does a great job in weather-related, seasonal-, chakra-related and inherited disease and I already have hundreds of them around, mostly well organized. I have a bunch of Schussler's biochem too, but haven't figured out how to use them yet.

But putting these together will require some thinking. I'm going to take time out everyday to do some thinking - maybe 10 mins or so when I'll sit and do nothing and hope all the information in my head will lead to an a-ha moment.:)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Death and euthanasia

I feel like that moment of zen or enlightenment passes when an animal I'm trying to heal,  dies. As long as I'm trying, I'm learning and I'm open to suggestion, and somehow, the universe is suggesting. Life, every breath,  itself is suggestion, choice. But death really closes the door on it.

This is why I'm really against euthanasia. What do we learn from it? Nothing. We assume dying is less painful than living, or at least, being dead is less suffering than being alive. But we don't know that. Being euthanized at a moment of pain might just leave the animal stuck in that moment for a very long time, for all we know. Like people in forced sedation sometimes experience a continous nightmare until it wears off.

More than that, it is an act of cowardice to euthanize instead of try to heal. The healer doesn't even attempt to battle with the animal's lifeforce to sustain it. I think every doctor, every healer knows that.

When I euthanized Dollu, I couldn't get over it for these two reasons. One, I knew Dollu died in a moment of extreme pain even though he was numb with shock. But his body was dealing with it - he was nowhere close to death. Two, I knew that I couldn't see myself fending off the gangrene that would set in, watching him necrose and rot slowly from the inside like Karia did, not knowing how to save him. I could not find the courage to try, the energy to try, I couldn't face the misery I'd feel watching him drag himself around on stumps, with one eye. It was a selfish decision not to let him try to live - more than that, it was a cowardly decision not to try to heal him with all the remedies I've accumulated for just that purpose, a cop-out.

Anyway, depressing self-recriminations aside, I still have Ancient, Kenchu, Icy and 5 kittens to heal. They're still alive and struggling to get better. There's still room for learning.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

RIP, little black kitten

Stripes' little black one died this morning. It had a higher intelligence and boldness than the other 5 but not the health to go with it. It died of an upper respiratory and diarrhoea combination - it's the same old story, really. I think the only set of kittens that did well was the previous set and I'd given them ... Bacillinum? ... a few times? Can't recall and I should check.

I had added Bryonia 30 and Hydrocotyle 200 to the food along with the epilepsy combo ... I'm wondering if it might have been responsible for the kitten dying. Anyway, I've gone this route of blaming before - if they're just too weak to survive, virtually anything will knock them off life. The cyclone Hubhub that should have made landfall this morning might just have been that thing.

Ancient isn't doing as well either. He hasn't eaten 2 days in a row - barely able to stay focussed long enough to notice the food. His conscious moments are all lost in his spinning-howling frenzy. That has slowed a bit with the Stereotypical Behaviour combo, but not enough to say it has made a difference. But the aggravations are less.

I added a few drops of Chelone Q to his bottle of Stereotypic remedy. I'm beginning to see that worms remain a problem, weather remains a problem even with Bach flower remedies. It can't heal fast enough to cure if the weather doesn't permit. The worms I thought of just with how Ancient was behaving. After adding Chelone, he's sleeping well and was able to move his bowels -- Chelone is super for wormy dogs from past experience.

Still, the only excesses Bach seems to heal are those connected with the Moon cycle - the emotional extremes that prevent the body from healing itself. I noticed the Moon connection immediately - my dogs took to the Bach remedies like fish to water - and that is no small achievement.

Getting the moon cycle out of the way is one of the greatest problems solved in healing. Or at least in letting the body heal itself. But I'm beginning to see that it might not be enough -- seasonal changes, weather changes, rain ... and now worms, all these still need to be addressed for those who are too far gone like the little black kitten and Ancient.

Another repeat

I feel a sense of continuity in another case today as well.

My street-sweeper told me this morning that there was a small female dog who had wandered into one house and was being chased from it everyday for a week. She couldn't get out of the street because there were so many dogs at the end of it who wouldn't let her pass to the main road. She'd not been fed for all that time (people here being stinking rich but selfish and heartless).

I asked around about her and all the watchmen claimed she'd disappeared down the street. So in a moment of brilliance (if I do say so myself:) I mined all the gutter openings with pieces of bun until I found the one where it was eaten. I've fed her with all the leftovers of my dogs (and gave her a dose of the Traumatism formula) so she's fed for tonight.

Three years ago, Blackie the dog was in the same stretch of gutter for 6 months, traumatized and terrified. I feel like I'm being given a chance to do it right this time - Blackie died last year and I and the dogs have missed her playfulness ever since. I never treated her for her trauma, for her fear. I hope treating those in this new one is the way to avoid the deeper miasm from awakening. It was the miasm that killed Blackie, the disease that had stayed in check for a really long time through her youth and stressful life. Just as she began to get more confident and enjoy herself, Diwali came along and awoke all her fears again, leaving her puking up even water until she died.

This time I'm going to clear the crippling fear and trauma first, and then treat the body with Homeopathy. I hope this female recovers fully and lets me make up for letting Blackie down.

Epilepsy followed by Stereotypical Behaviour

I've been slow in posting because I'm astonished by how much the cats and kites like the Epilepsy formula of Homedes.:) It's not like they have epilepsy - I think it just feels good in their nervous system during a pretty rough monsoon season.

But for Ancient, the old guy, he doesn't have epileptic fits anymore but his screaming wouldn't stop without Hydrocotyle 200.

The fits are replaced by stereotypic behaviour - maybe something older that led to the epilepsy - spinning and senseless getting-stuck-ness (for eg., he sticks his head under a chair and can't figure out how to pull out again, or walks into a corner or wall and can't back out) and ear-splitting yowls.

In fact, he didn't seem quite this insane when he used to have those seizures. That's the amazing thing. When he'd have those terrible seizures, there was a pattern to his behaviour which was normal - he'd eat well, drink any water offered, he'd go out to pee, shit and come back in to fall asleep and then have a seizure after which he'd involuntarily shit or pee again which relieved him and he fell asleep.

His incontinence has come down with the epilepsy formula, but he's stopped drinking water. He eats less now and sometimes doesn't recognize food. It's like his brain has completely rewired into an imbecility without the fits to help blow off the excess.

But I'm still quite taken with this Bach system - I'm trying out another of Homedes' formulas - the one for Stereotypic Behaviour. It was a toss-up between that and the Separation Anxiety formula because this morning when I was out he'd wandered off and got stuck in a gutter 2 houses down. Maybe I'll go on to that combo after the worst of this has passed.

I can't find Impatiens or Rescue so I've replaced it with Passiflora 1m but otherwise I've stuck to his formula: Vervain, Agrimony, White Chestnut and Heather (Rescue and Impatiens).

The first two doses haven't gone down well at all - he's yowling more than ever, getting stuck more than ever. He's walking in a straighter line though once in a while - I've had to give him 3 doses of Hydrocotyle 200 to stabilize him. Fingers crossed that the first few doses are the most aggravating for all remedies.

I really wonder what comes next -- how does someone so blind, so old, so damaged recover? Fingers crossed that all Life finds balance and that I'll have an idea of how to help him through the next stage.

I have to say that though I can't feel the presence of guides much these days, I do feel a sense of continuity. I see so much of my uncle's suffering in this dog that I feel almost like I've been given a second chance to get it right. This is a form of senility and Ancient's just a few steps from hurting himself as badly as my uncle did (5 fractures and no memory of it) which ended in his passing two months later, bedridden.