Thursday, May 15, 2014

Weather changes, the Moon, Green Secretions and Worms

I'm trying to reduce the Apr-May 2014 set to a few key remedies. Going by the way Rhododendron and Phytolacca were drawn, I've inferred that dogs need remedies that heal for the weather changes, the moon, green secretions and worms.

I've known this a long time, so duh me, but its been hard to pin it down with them drawing remedies left, right and center. The childhood disease measles closely resembles canine and feline distemper in the damage it does, so I've included that in the rubric. The gonorrheal base of measles also fits - I should include cancer at some point too.

Here's the shortlist of 9 remedies that I'll now try to fit into the moon cycle and see if the healing speeds up:

Apr-May 2014: Moon cycle and remedies

This month you can see some order -- I've been able to keep the number of remedies down, and to use them together, upto 5 at a time. I decided that healing them with one remedy at a time would be unnecessary since I already knew the groups that worked for periods of the moon (from the previous 2 years) and that combining them would heal them faster. It has worked so far.

Rhododendron virtually dominates the month as the monsoon tradewinds set in. Pulsatilla is also the star of the group Ranunculaceae. The other dominant plant group is Compositae with multiple remedies (I couldn't pick between them - they were all drawing so strongly), which seems to be key to healing animals up until the full moon. Phytolacca is another really strong remedy.

The surprise was Rumex. I found it on a website for cat deworming and immunity and all the animals love it.

The clarity is probably because it is the Spring and I've given the animals the last 3 moon cycles worth of remedies correctly.:)

2012-14: Moon Cycle with remedies

(A couple of years of work can end up looking as simple as this.:)

These are peak energy times for the moon cycles between 2012-2014. The 29-day moon cycle begins around the 21st (sometimes on the 19th or 20th) for healing.

The days of the moon cycle are on the left, the diagram indicates the peak times to use the remedies in the plant group on the right. I've put the approximate days they work great in the middle.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Ranunculus Bulb: Shelter puppies

Three of the five puppies in the shelter have died. Two of them were very sick with swollen joints and photophobia over the last week. They drew Ran B 30 (I didn't have it higher) on the 5rd of May, Cham 10m and Absinth 10m on the 8th but not Ran B again; on the 10th before the rains the 3 died; on the 12th (today) the two surviving drew Ran B 30 again and Cina 6x for the first time.

So I'm inferring Ran B 30 once a week with Cina 6x would save puppies lives - provided I start early enough before atmospheric changes affect them. And around the Full Moon perhaps.