Monday, December 22, 2014

Why I love Clarke: what works for animals, works for all animals.

For a long time I was stuck with Boericke. Clarke's books (some 4 fat, tall and heavy books with small type) were hard to take to bed or read even in ordinary light - the type was small, the book heavy and the material very detailed.

Along came the mobile and Manohar's android app and it totally set me free to pick who I read! Much gratitude to inventors and app makers.:) I loved Clarke and Nash! Finally homeopathy came together as a science for me even though I'd been doggedly reading and learning every remedy for over 5 years.

But why I am repeatedly drawn to Clarke is because he mentions animals. And what's more, whenever he mentions animals, you can be sure the remedy is good for your dog or cat!

If it says "Ledum was given to animals who draw their leg up tight", then whether it is a cow, deer or horse, it will be a good remedy for when your dog draws it's leg up tight and hops around in pain. That's how great it is for veterinary purposes!:)

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