Sunday, December 28, 2014

Using minerals to heal

I've almost got it down to a T.:) The time to start using minerals is about 3 moon days after New Moon, between 2.7 and 3.7 in the moon cycle.

I've started with the two nitogen-based remedies - Nitric ac 6 and Ammonia mur 6. This appeared to be the exact combination that all the dogs needed, because they barely reacted at all and all of them were at peace.

But the very next day they weren't drawing those anymore. So I looked around for other remedies they might draw and settled on the metals. The dogs don't have enough alkalinity to start further up the periodic table. All dogs love the set with Cuprum Ace, Arg Nit (most of all!) and Aur met so I've given it to them in 6x - I could have gone higher but thought I'd stay on the safe side. I could have also done them one at a time starting with Arg nit, but I'm trying to speed up their healing, so took a risk. This set did bring up an aggravation (being less acidic) but it was shortish (about 20 mins). Maybe 4 moon days is too soon to switch from the more acidic to less. I put Ant crud in because ancient was drawing it.

Ancient is also drawing Acetic acid which is strange. Not sure why. Milder acid because he is weaker than the rest? Is it a nerve acid? Got to check that one out.

The big surprise is how he drew Teucrium m. 200 (I mistook it for Tellurium which I was checking in 3x, which he was drawing) at low tide. I read up on it and it is a tubercular remedy for tuberculosis of organs, glands and bone! So at low tide we can presumably still use plant remedies, but probably from the higher plant families.

I also checked out Silicea which he is drawing at 10m - I'm too afraid to give it to him. It is what Guollon recommends for scrofulous above all things. I'm just giving him reiki with it for now. That's the update.

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