Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Street threats

I was feeding all the dogs down the road on the railway parallel road towards Cantonment this morning at about 5:30 am when the dog in the temple (Ram temple?) next to the playground was on the street. A priest had just thrown a bun at the dog when it ignored it completely and raced to take the two pieces of chicken heads that I threw in passing. He began by gently telling me not to throw meat near the temple, and when I said my usual inarticulate and defiant and inciteful, "nothing will happen if I throw this outside, surely crows shit nonveg into the temple", he grew increasingly abusive. Then I said those shastras were created centuries ago to prevent disease and that I was a brahmin too.

That earned me a bunch of threats from that priest for throwing meat outside the temple and he says that he'd get the "public" to beat me up! lol. I yelled back that he was mad and he had the job he did because he was so ignorant.:)

I seriously lack social pr skills ... but seriously, someone give these lugs a truth pill about their importance in the Universe.

I find that I get threatened with all kinds of male egos getting dented for street feeding - whatever their verbal justification of their imagined domination.:) I get threatened by muslims for feeding dogs outside their houses (their Allah doesn't allow them to be near dogs - so wrong!); by house-proud owners who want even the pavements on the street outside their home with no sign of dog occupation; by Jains for giving the street dogs they feed bread and biscuits, meat. I get threatened by Guttahalli rowdies for feeding dogs on the main road near their car (! haha!); I get threatened by Vasanthnagar rowdies (Raj or some such) if their dog runs up and tries to eat what I put!!

I get threatened almost 3 - 4 times a week ... though it's down from 3 - 4 times a day 5- 8 years ago. Gratitude to other dog feeders for that - I no longer appear unique.

Dogs eat what is tasty, what they've tasted before and feel better after. The homeopathy remedies in the food makes what I give unforgettable - especially as the lame dogs begin to walk on all fours again or those with cancer or respiratory disorder. These remedies reduce their suffering - that is indisputable.

The humans around who want to tell me how to do the things I do can go to hell. They won't do, but they won't let anyone else do for the dogs either. This is why I'll never heal humans - they really don't deserve it.

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