Monday, December 29, 2014

Silicea inadvertently

 Silicea is a remedy I dread like so many other (mercurious, calc carb, etc.) but since Guillion swears by it, I tried it on Ancient. I had only 3x and 10m, relics of a time when I was more mineral-remedy confident.

He drew it very strongly in 10m. So I decided to give him reiki  with it instead of a dose (like, reiki might protect him from the aggravation. I hoped.:). Well, that dog moves around so much and yowls for help to turn that I accidentally spilled almost all of the bottle on his bed.:(

So far no adverse effects. But I know it is a slow acting remedy and I'm dreading the next few days. So many consider it a follow-up remedy to Thuja that it might do good. But I've seen a few dogs die from it high and have over-reactions to it low, that I would have avoided it if I could what's done is done.

Ancient actually began recovering from the day I gave him Bac 30 (2 days before the Quarter moon). I wish Id done it sooner, but his body dipped so low on life force during the New Moon that I didn't have the confidence to give a nosode then.

Nowadays everything I'm giving him I give thinking, "better to try than to regret waiting until he dies." His vitality is wavering so much.

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