Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Psorinum again for the winter

I was holding out on giving Psorinum because of my previous experience with it even though I knew it was a good winter preparation remedy. I was hoping to help animals this winter without it. But Kitpit's sister with the terrible breathing has been missing since yesterday - I feel terrible about having not helped her more. I was trying out the respiratory remedies of Electrohomeopathy and she responded to Teucrinum 10m her breathing improved with distant Reiki itself on the night of the 30th of Nov, but disappeared on the 1st.

I added it to the food on the 1st and 2nd, but she didn't eat when I was looking. I feel guilty for not having tried enough before - I know I don't know enough yet to save lives, but it always seems to be too little, too late. I'm so frustrated.

I decided that I will go ahead and try the nosodes. I know they helped 2 years ago in a mixed blessing kind of way. But maybe the nosodes will save lives.

When I tested them on Ancient, I was surprised that he didn't draw Bacillinum. He drew a little Tuberculinum 30, but much more strongly he drew Psorinum 1m and 10m. I gave him a sniff of 1m first, but he wouldn't stop yowling, so a sniff of 10m followed in 10 mins. He's been a changed dog to a great extent for the half-hour since.:)

Kenchu and Icy and myself all drew Psorinum 1m, so tomorrow, that's what everyone is getting in the food. I should have liked to give Sulphur first, but I'll do that later if I find I need to activate it further - I remember Sepia, Carcinosin and others reduced the excesses of Psorinum the last time, so that's on the cards too for use.

I'm so sick of dogs and cats dying from me not trying enough often enough. I think the problem is that I'm too cautious, too intellectual and methodical for the bold kind of healing that needs to happen. Heal and be damned, to misquote the famous publisher's statement.

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