Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mitochondria and our Chi energy!

Brian Cox the same BBC program brought up something interesting - he said that the mitochondria in our cells were originally bacteria engulfed by archaea, primitive amoeba, which then protected it. This symbiotic relationship allowed the archaea to absorb the energy generated by the bacteria to replicate, creating the cells that make up most of the higher forms of life - plants, animals, reptiles, birds, etc.

I immediately thought, "Oh, so the mitochondria generate the Ki!" in Rei-ki (or Chi).That led me to thinking that we (the animals, or my dogs specifically :) are probably dying because their mitochondria aren't functioning right.

Well, guess what!

I was surprised to see a bunch of sites about it in plant and animal common ancestors and a research paper that postulate the same:

This one "Mitochondria as chi" states that "human diseases affecting a wide range of organs could result from systemic defects in energy metabolism and, second, hereditary human diseases could result from mutations in the non-Mendelian mtDNA. Consequently, mitochondrial biology and genetics become excellent candidates for expanding the anatomical and Mendelian paradigms to address the complexities of the age-related diseases, aging, and cancer."

"Yet every oxidative organism retains an mtDNA and virtually all organisms of the fungal–animal lineage retain the same mtDNA genes. Hence, the retention of these genes in the mtDNA must be importan."

So someone other than me seems to have seen the same possibility of mitochondria malfunctioning across generations to inherit what we call 'miasms' in homeopathy. He even discusses how stress produces mitochondrial malfunction and death - one of the things that's been on my mind for months (Kitpit and the other accident victims died long after the actual stress in a systemic failure of their body's functions).

He even sees what I see - that aging is related closely to stress, weather-season (Indians usually age at the end of the monsoon) and immunity. Something called 'vitagenes' go off.

This is something I really like!!

The other sites make this endosymbiosis a great deal more complicated by science, but is good to glance through anyway. The truth is that we're healing this "mitochondrial malfunction". If it is due to stress or shock, it isn't inherited in a faulty fashion. But the same stress or shock on a faulty mitochondria will just make the organism shut down and die.

I've always known that for seeds to grow, they need bacteria starters - the main reason to object to genetically-modified food, according to me. The seed kernel is home to a bunch of bacteria outside the cell's mitochondria. Somehow they get the cell multiplication going and the plant will only stop if there's shock, trauma or no resources to survive.

The inside of a coconut or a fig is literally thriving in chi - this is what we don't see as common to our own vitality.

Maybe that's why movement like in Tai chi is powerful - we're directing our focus internally and making our bodies move in stress-free, balanced rhythms that harmonizes mitochondrial activity. From what I know of bacteria, they're amazingly shy.:)
Haha, I mentioned this theory to my Mom and she's as smart as a whip. She said, "If archaea and bacteria existed the Ki/Chi (internal energy) should have already existed!" So I thought it through and said, "they were only made of Rei (cosmic energy)". But she's right. This theory has some huge holes - the main one being that the bacteria and archaea existed before and were living beings. So much for simplistic thinking.:)
But dying does seem to be the mitochondria calling out to other bacteria that 'this one is toast, come and feast'. The process takes a few years, the battle won a few times by antibiotics, but the war is lost.
More when I figure out more!:)

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