Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mitochondria and metabolism

Ok, more on this "cell-powerhouse". I remember being fascinated with it in my 5th std biology and then forgot about it.

There really is very little known except that they control the metabolic functioning of the cell and that stress shuts them down. To improve your metabolic rate seems to be key - with exercise, diet and suppliments like magnesium, zinc and iron, manganese and Vitamins A and C.

I think that homeopathic and biochemic suppliments of these are the right way to go long term.  

I think being careful and slow is key!!

As cautions about messing with metabolism I'm using two personal tragic examples:

1. Laxmi's example: She slept her way through her life after being paralyzed as a very young adult. I gave her Zinc sulph cm for her early onset of hard cataract. Her physical activity skyrocketed the next day with her jumping on tables after the cats, leaping from sofa to sofa, etc. Her mental activity also went off the charts with 3 sleepless days and nights of ceaseless motion that I couldn't attribute to anything but the zinc sulph cm. Then the decline set in and she began losing her balance, smashing into things until she was exhausted. By the 4th night she vanished (presumed dead - I searched everywhere for her for a week, couldn't locate the body). I'm assuming the zinc increased the brain activity or the body:brain

2.Peppy's example: Peppy was a plump tiny spitz mix who would huff and puff to walk, but was enthu for anything. She drew Magnesium mur 10m for a few weeks which I gave her once a day. She drew other potencies, but this was strongest, so I gave it to her. She lost weight rapidly to the point where she was a skeleton and died in a few weeks. Her metabolic activity increased to instability - I'm assuming that she needed some other stuff (I tried a lot of remedies, couldn't locate another) as well as Mag mur because she drew that until her dying breath.

I didn't know enough to save both of them, but just enough to regret giving those remedies. Now I kind of understand what went wrong, the remedies increased metabolism, but at that time I didn't. (Mag mur, was alkaline and should have been balanced with something more acidic, Zinc Sulph is too acidic and needed something like Mag or Kali to balance, both should have been given in low potency first!)

Mitochondria are essential to motor-neuron transmittors and play a vital role in the spinal functioning. Knowing how to increase, heal or improve their functioning can save many, many dog and cat lives. The thing is to do it carefully in sick animals - whether with mineral suppliments or with homeopathy and biochem salts.

The sea remedies might also be drawn so much because of the evolution of mitochondria from the ocean bacteria. The halogens, the sea animals and plants probably have the nutrient balance more correct than land animals.

Two sites, Mitochondria rejuvenation and Mike's Daily Apple give some terrific information about mitochondria. One on healing multiple sclerosis and the other on how it works. Dr. Terry Wahl has a lot of information since she's the one who cured herself of MS with a mitochondrial diet.

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