Monday, December 15, 2014

LQ or Changeable Weather?

This is the Last Quarter. I've found that Ancient is drawing the whole gamut of remedies from Thuja cm, Allium Sat 30 to Echinacea cm, Ascelepias 30 to Aesculus Hippo. 30. I only checked the category remedies from Electrohomeopathy, but I was surprised.

The reason I think this is so vast is because:
1. It's the balance of the Quarter Moons - the extremes of full and new moon don't offer such an opportunity.
2. They're each covering one category of the body's functioning: Metabolism, Lymph function, Constitution, Tissues and Elimination (Intestinal). Perhaps they'll always be drawn together so that the healing is wholistic.
3. It could just be pre-weather change is so taxing on the system that they needed all the remedies together. It's like all those times that I've been unable to heal because the dogs drew so many remedies I didn't know where to start or which ones to give (nowadays I believe we should give all the remedies that are drawn, not one at a time).

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