Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ledum and Kalmia analysis (and Rhododendron, of course)

You know how crazy I got over Rhododendron for it's healing effect on dogs that reacted to windy conditions. And then got scared to use it after Kitpit had epiliform fits when I gave her Reiki with the remedy at 6x. I've avoided all Ericaceae since then, even when it seemed really desperately needed.

Around that initial honeymoon period I unsuccessfully tried Ledum and Kalmia (though in very limited potencies - I had only 1m in Ledum and 3x in Kalmia) and didn't get a strong enough reaction.

I tried the Ericaceaes only because the smallest breeze would set Ancient screaming, even when he was warmly wrapped and deep inside where there was no draft - his nerves were so attuned to the environment. Ancient devoured Ledum 1m through Reiki! He doesn't draw Rhod as much.

This is my thinking now:

Rhododendron for High and Midlevel Winds (I mean high as above the ground in in km weather terms - MLW:) and effects the brain and upper spine.
Ledum for Low Level Winds - shooting pains down the nerves and extremities
Kalmia for Low Level Winds - shooting pains upwards and centered around the heart (like angina)

In the moon cycle
This is just a premise about how it should be used (I still only have those few potencies!). I think Kalmia should be used in the cycle.
Rhod is safest used in high potency at the New Moon and at the bottom of the tide valley, because of its major influence on the brain;
Kalmia is to correct that as energy begins to work its way up towards the heart, so maybe better to give at the crest of a wave and at the Full moon in higher potencies or very low potencies in the rest of the time.
Ledum seems to work at high potencies at the New Moon because the "shooting down" period as passed by, even at the low tide

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