Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I got up this morning with this A-ha feeling that I was this close to finding the way to healing animals! I had the turning of the tides, the earth's movement around the sun (seasons), the moon's movements around the earth (moon cycle) all fitting into a cycle that made perfect sense in terms of our chakras and reactions to remedies.

I wrote it down fortunately because as the day wore on my sceptical side kicked in and doubts began to fade that utter confidence a bit.:)

It is almost as hard to write as anything, because it is simple and yet complex to describe. The seasons are related to the chakras in a larger cycle similar to the moon cycle and the tides are just a smaller version of the same. I only need to fix remedies or at least families of remedies to each and I'll be done.

By chakra and Reiki:
The front chakras are different from the back ones - this is where I've been making a mistake for a few years now.
The front chakras are all organ, fluid and tissue remedy related. 
The back chakras are all nervous, brain, spine and probably muscular related.

Here's another area I would constantly confuse - The higher chakras are healed best by the older plant families and the lower by the higher plant groups.
Higher potencies of the lower plant families at New Moon, and lower at FM, lower potencies of higher plant groups at the NM and higher potencies of the same at the FM.

By season
Another area that I didn't really get was what to focus on in winter, spring, summer and autumn. Those four roughly corrospond to the root, front solar plexus/heart?, crown and back solar plexus/heart?. We also should use the lower plant groups in the winter more than the upper ones, so there's a bias downwards in healing.

I guess it's all just a bit hazy now but a gif or two should clear it up for all of us. Soon, soon!:)

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