Saturday, December 20, 2014

Diet notes: A peculiar observation on super-feeding

I've had a strange but consistently strange experience with feeding my dogs.

The basic diet:
I've been adding a few drops of homeopathic liquid remedies (in alcohol) in the food that I cook - around 5 - 10 kgs chicken waste (heads, legs) and 3-5 kgs rice after in the soupy water. To this I add a little cooking oil and sometimes wheat grass powder, spirulina, biochem, calcium pills, epsom salts, tinctures, iodine, ayurvedic digestive meds, etc. Some days I add carrots, basil, spinach (basale), grass, whatever I can cut fresh. One thing a day, if I have it.

Dogs love it! (They gobble up the food with much gusto, wait all night to have a few morsels and, poor things, often go hungry as I don't have enough for the 100+ who wait all over. I go twice - once in the evening and once at night or in the early morning and that's all my limited energy can do. I wish I could do more, but hey, I'm only one and I'm glad when I see two or three others on the road doing the same but it's beyond me how to go further.)

Ok, so that's the setup. Now for the super-feeding bit.
The peculiar thing that I've noticed is that the dogs I feed last seem to heal fastest. This has always puzzled me - it's the same food, it's even less in quantity than I give the dogs at home and close to home. But I've noticed this for over 5 years and put it down to them being stronger to have survived on the streets for so long.

But this can't be true - some of them are visibly weaker than the dogs at home.

Now I have a new theory: perhaps the food, which decays somewhat by the time I reach the 3 am - 5 am set, is not the key, nor is it the remedies or tonics. I think maybe the bacteria that decay the food are altered by the remedies and nourish the food further. When THEY are consumed, they offer a kind of fermented super-processed product of the remedies. The remedies have altered these bacteria and are easier to absorb for the distant dogs, healing them faster than the ones who get the food first!

Just putting it out there.:) I need to try and resist feeding my dogs and cats at home first and keep them waiting until much later to test out this theory of healing!
Update 24/12:
It does seem to be more processed - either by the decay time or by time and bringing up less of a reaction in the dogs at home. I give them 2 pieces at the usual time but, and immediately dish out the rice and then feed them at 4:30-5 am just before I go out a second time to the street dogs.

I've thought of giving elements to the plants and then feeding dogs those plants for a similar processing in a previous post. This must be a non-veg version of the same.

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