Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Changing tracks

I've been distracted from Bach remedies by using Electro-homeopathy, but I like something about both. Both allow you to mix and match remedies which makes it much easier than Homeopathy's compatible, inimical and antidote schema.

In fact, the 'antidote' set is completely confusing from author to author with Boericke using it to denote antidotes to the remedy you're reading and Clarke emphasising the remedies you antidote with the remedy you're reading! Weird that - always made me feel butterflies inside trying to figure out what to use. If you ask me, when you read a remedy, you only want to know what to give if it doesn't suit the patient - that's what we look for in the literature. Who cares what else it can antidote if you have to seach in hundreds to find what will negate the aggravation in your patient after using some remedy? Bah. And nothing more gut-wrenching than to read it was 'inimical' to the previous after you give a remedy! It's enough to want to quit healing!

I'm much more comfortable with these methods that say all of them can be used with each other. How very supportive of a healer and her efforts!! Kudos to Bach and Mattaei and Schussler!

But changing tracks isn't really permanent for me - I'll get back to Bach when the weather changes settle. Bach simply isn't upto healing the violence of the effect of weather change on animals. It is great for healing along the moon cycle lines and that's what I'll use when I have a bit of a break from these constant temperature, pressure and seasonal fluctuations. This winter has been especially hard on the animals - it's been the warmest winter in over a hundred years, but windy, changeable and uncomfortable for the animals.

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