Friday, December 5, 2014

Another screwball theory :)

I've had the weirdest obsession with the e=mc2 formula for a couple of months now. I thought I'd write it down to get rid of it.:)

My mind keeps running around these phrases "energy is twice the matter/mass" and "I need to give the tincture so that the homeopathy has some matter to convert into energy" and on and on along those lines.

I know I like this combination of Reiki and Homeopathy because I believe the latter has a matter to energy connection that's missing in most healing systems, while Reiki has the most powerful means of discovering the right remedy and potency and delivering it (if I give it with hands-on healing).

My process is still tedious and primitive but it could radically improve if I stumble upon something. Something like the means of delivering the energy to the body in an efficient way. Or the material portion has some means to indicate when it is sufficient to change the energy bit.

Right now I am struggling with so many remedies (and ideas and systems) that I have only a faint notion of how to use them. I think of each of my posts as a singularity - a one-off separate entity. But when I have enough of these to create and understand a pattern, I should have a very powerful system to heal all my animals.

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