Friday, December 26, 2014

A new system

I've just started a new system hoping to be able to locate remedies that I need faster. My earlier system was clunky, so this is a big improvement (though it doesn't cover my other problem of trying to locate the general plant family group - but one problem at a time).

I stopped posting the monthly moon cycle chart because it was clunky and really not much use to me as it was. This I hope will make a good reference even into the future. (I might even redo the last few months to fit it if it survives and thrives.:)

The advantage of this is that I have to put it in a form that connects it to chakra. And more, the front and back chakras, which is visually very quick to review.

I'm no longer going, "Now why did I give that??" I have a place for notes on the side but those are not all that useful from what I've seen in the past. I need to know which remedy connects  to the animal's disease and where it helps. There are very few remedies that work all over - Bach remedies do that, they're not very chakra related, and immunity remedies like Asterias come close - but the only ones that work all over are those that they're completely lacking in their system.

The other advantage is that I have room for 14 different remedies. I always felt it was excessive when I used the other system, but in this it might just make sense to use many remedies to cover/activate many chakras.

More on it later.
I've already seen a problem I'm creating - just putting remedies in without any checking on chakras. This happened today - the dogs were just drawing a bunch of remedies without even getting near the chakras, they were that hungry for elements. One thing I can do is just white out the background, remove the fill, for those remedies.

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