Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My blog can be RSSed

I finally made my blog available for subscription by RSSing it. My main motivation came from Google's Newstand where there are not many blogs on homeopathy, reiki or dogs, let alone the combination. I wanted "Homeopathy, Reiki and Dogs" available on it.
At first I was writing this more as a memory-aid to learn how to heal dogs, not repeat my mistakes with one on the next sick dog. But over the last year there's been a lot of visitors - up to 50 a day (not just blogger recording my own visits - darn thing can't remember my setting for "don't count my own pageviews" - it even records my posting as a visit some days! I've given up on google doing anything about it.)

So if there are any readers who are in my niche of cross-healing, looking for something to read in the morning, please do subscribe. I probably won't make it any more stylish - not many pics (my animals don't pose for me and I'm a horrible photographer and I don't want to photograph their suffering), but I'm considering doing some stuff to make the blog more readable for newstanders. Clean it up a bit, put a few face-shots of the animals, put a quick remedy-a-day learning snippet, etc. In a while!:)

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