Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Miss a beat, lose the rhythm

I've just realised something important. Probably.

Ancient was drawing Argent Nit in the Quarter Moon and I didn't give it - since I'd sworn off using the elements until I understood them better. I shouldn't have tested Arg Nit at all except I was desperate with his ear-splitting howls. Now he's drawing Aur Met which is the next on the periodic table.

This morning he was drawing Phosphoric Acid 3x. Just out of curiosity I tried Bismuth which is in the same line on the periodic table (sharing the same characteristics) and yes, he drew it in 30 potency! Bismuth Subnit even has this under Extremities: "paralytic weakness especially right arm. Itching erosion near tibia and back of feed near joints. Cold limbs." That's his picture now - the excoriation of his ankles is dead-on.

He was probably a Phosphoric Acid puppy who grew too fast, developed nervous exhaustion, then the fits and seizures began and in the healing of which it went into the Bismuth state.

Rule: The childhood needs develop down the periodic table as the animal ages. The young can be healed with the basic B, C, N, O, F and the infancy stages of chronic diseases as well. But if you miss that time, you'll need to go down the periodic table to catch the disease in it's later stages and arrest it.

And anoher possible Rule:
  • Left to right from New Moon to Full Moon because it's Alkaline to Acid,  and 
  • Top/New Moon to Bottom/Full Moon; though I'm not sure about this - though the Arg nit in the Last Qtr and Aur in the FM for Ancient does seem to point to it. 
  • At Full Moon, higher potencies for the higher element (lower on the table) and lower potencies for the top row of B, C, N, O, F, etc.
 Somehow the Bach Remedies followed by the plant remedies, interrupted by two animal remedies (Crotalus and Asterias especially) brought on the use of these element remedies and their fullest expression. So maybe this should be a rule too, to clear the picture on a case:

Rule: Start with Bach Flower Remedies, followed by plant remedies, then animal remedies and finally element remedies.

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