Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Intuitive craziness

I really hate the 'intuitive healer'. i.e., people like me.:) I know a lot of them, being in the healing tradition of both Reiki and spirituality. I run a mile from them, whenever possible.:p

First of all, they're undependable - since their knowledge has no strong foundation in either logic or repetition, it can be classified under 'whims and fancies'. This week they're 'into' gems, so they'll recommend gems to everyone, the next week colour therapy, and everyone around them needs red. They're annoying for their lack of memory and follow-up, the real butterflies of the spiritual new-agey socialites. They 'feel' this is right, and you're not allowed to question it.

Secondly, they're full of half-knowledge and a mish-mash of acquired wisdom. This guru said this, that book said that. Interesting enough for conversation - but really, can you heal with that? It's like how I'm so excited over every new remedy I read about, but the next remedy will inevitably come by to excite me anew.

Third, they're anecdotal. "She came to me with blah-blah and within 2 sessions all her blah-blah disappeared". Well, the problem is, it most likely won't happen again, ever, in her lifetime or yours. Much as I love homeopathy for it's precision and it's documentation, there's too much anecdotal recounting of the individualized treatment. In this, my intuitives and the homeopaths are the same. "I gave one dose of this and her problem cleared up within hours" ... is no guide to treating anyone but the 'her' in this case. The rest of the points apply to homeopathy too - half-knowledge applied, and unfounded basis for treatments (with the 'intuitive genius homeopath' myth).

The lack of success of healing, both in Homeopathy today and Reiki stem from these ingrained behaviour patterns which are almost meshed into it's history. You can pass down nothing but personality patterns that new homeopaths can mimic, pretend to, aggrandize themselves with.

Such a waste of time.

I'm crazy enough to be intuitive myself, have spiritual guides to work with, but as much as possible I try to keep my learning and sharing rational. I have dabbled in all these negative traits enough to know how bad they are for healing as a whole.

The way forward is to learn from across healing traditions and methods. Apply the best of each - but with some strong reasoning behind it. Something that can be verified or refuted, accepted or rejected by others who follow in the same path.

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