Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Immunity for Animals from Storms, Cyclones

I'll start with the topic and then digress ... for a change!:)

Ancient is much better - not cured but able to stand up. The way to help animal through a cyclone or a storm, thunderstorm or severe weather condition that's driving it batty or into tragically weakened states of nervous, immunity-related collapse is to try the following mixtures keeping the moon cycle in mind:

New Moon to Full Moon: Gunpowder 3, Phos Acid 3, Ars Met 3, (Bismuth 30, Aur Met 200 not so freq.)
Full Moon to New Moon: Myristica 12, Chelidonium 3, Opium 30, Kreosotum 12, Echin 1m

The former helps the body flush out the pus or spent wbc from the wounds and heal them up, the latter helps flush what remains in the body out through the intestines and urinary organs. This cleanses the immune system.

When the immune system is clear, the nervous system gets a break and can relax. Or you can work it the other way and start with Rescue Remedy or some other stress-relieving Bach flower remedy and then use the flushes for the immune system. Either way should work, the first way is better closer to the storm.

Which brings me to how close a storm or cyclone has to be for our sensitive animals.

Recently I've been following the wonderful Insat 1B satellite images and the cyclone warning site to get an estimate of how far a cyclone should be for my animals to react. The last cyclone was in the Bay or Bengal over 700 miles away! But you could see the whipping trails of the clouds into the vortex as far into India as Bhopal and Arabian Sea over a 1000 miles away on the other side of Bangalore!!

My dogs were anxious, irritable, nervous, vomiting mucus, itchy, yowling, disobedient, hyper and aggressive depending on the dog. The cats were jumpy, over-excited, fighting, begging incessantly for food, limping and getting stuck on parapets, again, depending on the cat.
The crazy thing about animals is that they're so much more sensitive to earth changes than humans are. By that I mean that they know it's an earth-related change that's destroying them and we don't. All the animals that have died in the last year knew that I didn't have the remedies to heal them before their system broke down. I knew I didn't know enough to heal them, esp. the dogs and cats that died after Pummi (before that I always thought that if I found that one perfect remedy, that one 'personality' remedy, I'd be able to save them even at their last breath. And before that it was "if I only heal with my hands one more hour, s/he'll live" and I'd push myself to heal day and night to keep them alive.) It was only as recent as that that I realised that I should heal for the weather as the most dangerous of all the things breaking down their systems.

But all our bodies react the same way to the earth as the animals, even if we find a hundred different medical terms to describe it. For eg., two of my friends described the ailments in their resp. families/aquaintances during the same period of time, and they had the same reaction as Ancient or any other animal has to the weather:
1. One lady felt incredible pain in her back, went to the hospital and they found she had a slipped disc. She recovered enough to be able to sit up a few days later. (The period of her "slipped disc" and her recovery was the same as it was for Ancient who is also now able to sit up.)
2. Another girl took a pill and her whole body swelled up (got swollen?:) in an allergic reaction according to the doctors). She's in ICU now recovering. (The same time-frame as Ancient having edema around his ankles and feet).
3. A family member of a friend suddenly died after he collapsed. He had a stroke a few years ago. (Ancient was having tetanic/epileform spasms which arrested his breathing around the same time; he is weaker on one side of his body from the time I picked him up).

Each of these cases cost them lakhs of rupees in hospital stays, ambulances, treatments for just the same period of time that I was giving Ancient a packet of Good Life milk in spoonfuls with drops of Rescue and Gunpowder and Phos Acid.

They all recovered at the same time because the cyclonic storm/depression passed. The medicines just helped to get them through the period of inflammation, aggravation, necrosis or degeneration (disorganisation, if you will). There is no "cure" until the body system is "restored to order" (as Hahnemann or Kent would say!:)

The only way we'll know if it will recur is if there's another cyclone - to see if we have restored to order or at least reduced the disorder in the system that makes them react so violently. The set I've put together seems to restore order as we head towards the Last Qtr. I pity the poor animals and people who must once again resort to hospitals, doctors and financial stress for the next inevitable storm/cyclone as the monsoon retreats in it's usual turbulent style.

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