Saturday, November 29, 2014

Electrohomeopathy - Part 2: Categories

This is a very good list to keep, even for homeopaths and Bach remedy folk. It connects the dominant body structure to the remedies that heal it.

These are the main Blood remedies:

The most interesting thing for me is that these remedies work really well during the Compositae and Ranunculae families are prominent in this set. I've found that animals draw from those two consistently.

Then the Respiratory remedies:
I have never had much success in completely healing animals, especially cats of their respiratory ailments. But Eucalyptus gave Pummi a great deal of relief from her upper respiratory snuffles. Boreland prominently mentions Ipecac in his list to cure pneumonia, so that's quite accurate too. I have to try Phellandrium and Allium Cepa (they've always drawn Allium Sativa over that).

The next are the Lymph remedies:
Echinacea has been Grey's favorite in the cm, and he's survived his nose and respiratory sufferings to reach adulthood. Though I've not used any of the others, I do plan to.

This Nerve set:
I like this nerve set a great deal, and I will combine it with the Lymph set at some point.
I've seen very nervous and high-strung dogs take beautifully to Aconite cm (Ruby) and Aesculus (Gunda). And during weather changes inside seasonal change, China seems to top the list with Aconite.

More in another post, just so that I don't cram it all.

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