Thursday, November 27, 2014

Electrohomeopathy - Part 1: Electrals

[I am very grateful to this particular site for this understanding I now have of electrohomeopathy. It's a site by Dr. B. R. Dhingra - so many thanks to this individual for sharing virtually everything from what is a very secretive bunch of healers who use vague and general terms to enforce a general ignorance.]

Ok. Electro-homeopathy uses the same plants as Homeopathy and Bach, but made by a different secret process as I've mentioned before. While all that is irrelevant, what really interests me about it is
1. That it uses remedies in complex combinations or mixtures
2.  its system of classification
3. its emphasis on healing nerves with coloured 'electrals'

It has 8 groups and a ninth colour-coded group of 'electrals'. This group is so interesting in terms of energy:

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