Saturday, November 29, 2014

Electro-homeopathy - Part 3: Categories contd

These are the main Constitutional remedies which are the equivalent of Miasmic remedies of Homeopathy:

I've used Thuja, Eucalyptus, Solanum and Clematis of the lot (the remedies I have at home are in bold).

None of them have saved lives yet, but now that I have this list, I will try longer.

I like that Solanum is in the list - it is drawn by animals much more than any other Solanaceae remedy yet so many think that Belladonna is the queen of that group. I don't. To me, Solanum is rules that family in healing animals.

The next set are the Metabolic remedies:
I haven't used many in this list - Hydrastis of course for Kenchu, and Berberis for Icy. The rest in bold I have but haven't really had a change to use them. Maybe this is my opportunity to give them all a try.

I like the distinction that puts Solanum into the constitutional remedies and Belladonna into the metabolic set!:)

This set has the Tissue remedies:
I haven't had much use of these either, but I see Phytolacca in this set and it was wonderful for Pummi. It is a specific for the liver and the connected glands according to e-h's system, and Pummi's disease seemed to have spread internally through her digestive system. That seems to be accurate.

Here's the next to last set, the Intestinal for those animals plagued by infestations of worms, microbes and other fauna:
I've had great use for a few in this lot, the ones I have at least. My dogs regularly draw Allium Sat and Ruta.

This last set is for application and consumption:
Not tried applying any of these but I did add Aloe to one meal not too long ago and the dogs loved it. I doubt if I'll ever use this set, but it's an FYI.

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