Monday, November 3, 2014

Deep hole down to the bone under the paw

Poor Ancient, he's now got a deep hole down to the bone on the left of his sole. With maggots in them. (I've been trying to recall when it could have happened - and it was possibly between 25-27th Oct last week when I had the OldLady and two very sick kittens to take care of, that I neglected him. These flies are quick to smell necrosis.)

His bones are so degraded but he's such a tough guy - usually in distemper dogs they're dying at this bone-decay stage. Hopefully he continues to hang in there giving me enough time to try to heal him.

When the cyclone was bad around the 25-28th, I gave him reiki with Asterias 10m around the hip-joint and then a dose of Hepar Sulph cm hoping to help his intense restlessness. It did help. But it must have been the Hepar (or the combination with Asterias) that brought out a furuncle or deep bore discharge.

But I was oblivious to it. I noticed that 3-5 days ago he couldn't walk, kept drawing up his right leg and struggled on his left as well. I thought it was paralysis. I was actually glad, because he tends to hurt himself by crashing into things with his whirling walk. The day before yesterday I noticed some chapping of his heels, but I left it alone. Yesterday I washed and bound his legs up to his ankles in aloe vera gel with Rescue and Crab Apple and he seemed to be better. This morning when I removed the dressing, I noticed it was all bloody in the right paw. I washed it out and a whole bunch of maggots fell out!

I washed a bunch of them out, but there were two or three deep inside where there was necrosis - the flesh grey around them - that I left behind. I'll check it again tomorrow, when I can remove them if they're eating healthy flesh. For now they're doing a natural job of cleansing the dead tissue, 'debraiding' I think it's called (unless it goes all the way through his skeletal structure - when it would be impossible to prevent him from dying of blood loss).

I washed the hole with Clematis (necrosis)+Crab Apple (cleanse)+Hornbeam (weakness), hoped I hadn't hurt the maggots and swarthed the legs again in Rescue cream (Rescue+Crab Apple+Aloe vera gel), dusted the surface with Calendula, wrapped it up and left it.But I was in a state of panic.

In an hour I realised that he wouldn't stop yowling unless I did more for him. Bach again was insufficient for his urgent need (I gave him Elm (pain) and Vervain (inflammation) but he'd just yowl louder). I gathered up my courage saying this was the first tough dog going through these distemper symptoms slow enough that I can understand how to heal it. That it was an opportunity rather than a disaster, for both the dog and me. There's as much room for success as failure, so I needed to go for it.

 So I searched the words "necrosis" and "bone" and began trying out all the hard-core element-remedies that he drew (which I usually avoid). Somehow Bach remedies have given me a kind of courage to reach for these elementals again.

Hepar Sulph cm was the one I hoped to repeat, but it drew less than Sil 3 which wasn't as necessary as  Hekla 30, and then when he didn't stop yowling after Hekla, I gave him Merc cor 6, and still yelling so I found Aur Met 1m to give him a sniff. His yowling stopped, so I'm guessing I've done something right - at last!

He finally had a bowl of soup and ate rice, so he's better somewhat. I know I have to work my way back through Asterias and then the plant remedies when he begins to show more improvement. This cessation of ear-splitting yells might just be temporary, so here's hoping!

If it works out as I hope it will, I might actually be able to heal distemper pups and cats travelling the same road more deliberately!

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