Thursday, November 13, 2014

Weather system woes

Far from scattering and breaking down, the clouds have regathered and very close to Bangalore! It expanded a few hours ago giving me hope that it would scatter, but it's collected itself up again.

Hmmm. 3 - 5 days of rain, wetness and misery for my animals.:(

11:00 pm
Well, the storm died down by 11 pm and all the animals at home slept except for one kitten who sounds like a bad drainpipe - can't do much except distant reiki because she's too scared. And Ancient is a bit uncomfortable still, again can't do much for him until it all lets up. I've given him Rescue a couple of times but otherwise left him alone.

By 6 am the whole thing was moving into the Arabian Sea. Slowly.
Ok, here's it is gathering to move back in, but by midmorning it has moved out to the sea and northward on the land. I've renamed it "weather system woes" because it didn't develop into a true cyclone. It broke up too many times to gather that kind of force.

13/Nov: Here it is today at noon. Broken up and moving west and then north. For all the trouble it creates in the living beings' immune systems, it was relatively harmless - never reaching a true cyclone in either speeds (except in the tailwinds) or force.

This is the system that hovered around the Bay of Bengal for almost three days in it's move towards Burma, turned around and made landfall on our coast.

What is it that makes these so hard for the body to handle?
  1. First it must be the disruption of the body's ion balance - all clouds carry ions that draw an answering charge from the earth.
  2. The change in direction probably made it an electrical being as well - winds and their direction are just a representation of the earth's rotation (the winds north and south of India rotate anti-clockwise because of the earth's spin) and around us we've got a counter spin (clockwise) in the winds because the winds in the tropics are slower. So there's friction between these fronts at the latitude we're on, creating our storms.
  3. When the earth tilts, the problem seems to get exacerbated. So autumn and spring are two periods we have storms, the autumn ones being slightly worse.

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