Saturday, November 1, 2014

Connecting Paralysis and Epilepsy

Epilepsy as I've mentioned before seems to be nature's outlet for electrical buildup connected to the weather. Not all that bad except that it scares the dog to bits. Ok, so not that great for the sufferer.:) But it can be neutralized with Asterias and Cicuta (adding Cup Met or Cup Ace, Belladonna and Passiflora - would make it Mataji's Soham Epilepsy mix).

I stumbled along somewhat with a few more remedies which he was drawing - Hepar Sulph cm, Hypericum 6, Lathyrus 1m and Hydrocotyle especially.

But if you succeed in that, and you will within 2 months, you will find the dog develops paralysis in the hindlegs, as Ancient has. At least I now know how all the dogs that I've had with paralysis, Blackie, Naina, etc. came to be that way.

He sleeps with his legs drawn up and can't straighten them, or has no strength in them. The paralysis is partial (he stumbles around a few steps on one leg), and resembles polio in humans. I've seen polio survivors who can't straighten their legs out either. His appetite has reduced a little, he's more responsive to my voice (still has that cataract in both eyes) and there's less frequent howling.

I don't know if I can heal him completely, so I'm almost too terrified to try. I know I should repeat the Hepar Sulph, Lathyrus (which is for polio-like drawing up of legs), Hcot and the others but I'm still persisting with the Asterias 10m and Cicuta 10m for now. He's also drawing Cup Ace 6 and tends to crunch mud outside so I'm adding it. Fingers crossed!
Strangely, all the animals are drawing the same combination - the dogs, the cats, the birds, the rats. Is it a pre-winter combo, a resistance to disease, or something all animals need generally? Asterias has something to do with bone-immunity and Cicuta with the spinal-brain connection.

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