Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Better but weaker building up to the cyclone

A possible cyclone in the Bay has been growing since yesterday and the animals are reacting.

But Ancient is not yowling in pain. The improvement with the combination (Echin 1m, Chel 3, Myristica 12, Kreos 12, Opium 30) seems to be a trade-off - he's weaker but avoiding the excitation of nerves which leads to exhaustion, organ failure and death. Maybe the improvement will continue if he survives past the cyclone. He eagerly licks up the remedy, even given in it's alcoholic purity, poor chappie.

If I can keep them all clear of the nervous excesses, the immune system should heal and *fingers crossed* lives saved through the effects of the worst of the weather conditions in a Bangalore street dog's life. And really, this isn't the worst - we're only in the tail of the whip-winds of the seastorm!

BUT, success is success: so far ... no epileptic fits, no yowls, no excitation, no death ... so GOOD!:D

(The problem with cyclones in this region is that they're anticlockwise. They drain the entire region of energy and pour it into the ocean.:)

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