Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ancient's leg

This is Ancient, and his healed leg. I put his pic in the hope that he will get well and be a happy dog soon. He's not there yet - windy weather still takes a toll on his nervous system and skeletal system that I can't begin to describe, but I hope to heal him fully one day!

I let Kitpit and so many others down, but no more. I think the remedies for all these cases might be Gnaphalium and either Nux mos or Myristica. Among others.

I've got A Windy Set now that has fluor ac., Myristica, Rhododendron, Gnaphalium, Asterias, Ruta. If this is given as a storm brews, it prevents a lot of problems - nerve and lymph.

But one of more is wrong in that set, or the potency is, because they have a slightly long aggravation. It needs adjustment.

More soon.

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