Saturday, November 1, 2014

Why Asterias and Cicuta work

Ancient's better. I think.

I've been very nervously giving the Asterias 10m, Cicuta 10m and Cup Ace 6 as a combo, but by the evening I'd developed a headache from that combo making me very light-sensitive, and the dogs, especially Ancient seem to be better. Hopefully I'm doing enough right that he'll pull through this developing Indian Ocean depression. Endless, this monsoon!

His legs are literally peeling off from above the ankle to just below it. Weird and scary - I've seen joints leak pus before the distemper dogs die, but this is the first time I've seen a joint and the bone around it heal by redoing it's layers all the way up to the skin.

This is why I think the Asterias and Cicuta work:
Asterias, an animal remedy, and more importantly a sea animal remedy, has a deep bone influence on the upper part of the body of all the homeopathic remedies. I've noticed that the animal remedies all influence higher than plants, probably because they're closer to our evolutionary development. But land animals are more related to higher tissue which sea animals on primitive tissue (probably because of the area of the brain they influence?)
The elements have a deeper influence on the lower part of the body.
The plants fall in between and range across the body.

Now, Cicuta of all the Umbells works on the intestines. The intestines are needed to throw out the toxins from the lymphatic system which washes out there.

That's probably why they work together. Cup acetate 6 works because it is the quarter moon and it is a solar plexus related remedy.

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