Thursday, November 20, 2014

An old homeopath agrees with me.:)

The cyclone died down, the wind died down, and we're all better. Amazing and frightening. How the hell does one treat conditions that actually begin thousands of miles away?

I was explaining this theory to my mother and she said that our old family homeopath, the late great Dr. Hanumanth Rao (who's been gone over 20 years now) used to tell my grandmother that her condition would ease "once the depression in the Bay of Bengal passed".

Imagine that! He was a fantastic healer, a passionate homeopath who used just one remedy for all cases that he kept secret until he died (I think it might have been a nerve remedy of a tubercular miasm). Then he left it to his wife and daughter who couldn't see the value in it.

He treated my grandmother for neuralgic migraines that incapacitated her for days. The only thing we knew of his healing system was that he'd give a very high potency, one dose a month in the mouth and he'd advice against bathing and coffee for 3 days after. A very traditional Hahnemannarian.

Well today the cyclone 1200 miles south of India has passed and so has my diarrhoea and the dogs' discomfort.

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