Sunday, October 19, 2014

Typical veterinary-medical discard

Ancient is a typical veterinary discard. He's either been in a shelter (and quietly left in the street for his very loud yowling:) or has been extensively treated by a vet for some animal lover.

For the last 3 weeks I couldn't make out because his kidneys were in poor shape, he's incontinent even now, but the bach remedies must have cleared a lot of his emotional blocks allowing his kidneys to function again.

Over the last 3 days his kidneys have been throwing out an incredible amount of antibiotic waste! I can smell it from 10 feet away. I wonder what they thought they were treating him for? Urinary infection? (Maybe epilepsy wasn't obvious - the homeopathy remedies Cicuta and Hcot brought them out - but still. lol:). Oh, I know - the bloody diarrhoea which went off with the Cicuta-Hcot combo.

The thing with antibiotics is that it persists in the body. I usually know within one or two pills if the animals kidneys are functioning because its urine will smell of the antibiotic. That kind of diagnostic seems to be the best use of the antibiotic.

Antibiotics undoubtedly saves lives when used correctly - I don't want to take away from that. But today's use of antibiotics for everything, as a go-to, is ridiculous, imo.

The persistence of it will lead to a reaction somewhat like the effect of the fungi remedies - Lycopodium, Agaricus, etc. A lot of his giddiness and disorientation must have been from the residue antibiotic because that is so much better today. Also his kidneys must be so much better today because of the offloading.
I stopped the gardinal yesterday. Even giving him 90 mg made very little impact - barely slept an hour. He got a full night's sleep with Asterias 50m, 1m and 3x.

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