Saturday, October 4, 2014

Some confirmation

I am quite a perfectionist in terms of Reiki and energy medicine. If the two don't signal something right, I'm usually unable to act.

As I'm painstakingly dividing all the remedies into families, I've also been puzzled by Stripes' kittens drawing a set of remedies that seemed not to have been a set: Chestnut Bud, White Chestnut (both from Hippocastanaceae) but Red Chestnut too (which I thought was a Fagaceae). Those Bach sites which have the plant families puts it into Fagaceae, and most Bachists seem to put all the Chestnuts together! That is so wrong.

Thanks to Wikipedia's fabulous taxonomic bits, I know now that Red Chestnut belongs to the same family as Chestnut Bud and White Chestnut, that is Aesculus of Hippocastanaceae. Sweet Chestnut (Castanea) belongs to Fagaceae, like Oak (Quercus) and Beech (Fagus).

This makes sense to me - since I've put the Sapindales at the top of the healing ladder - that the kittens would draw it first along with Chestnut Bud and White Chestnut. And wouldn't draw Sweet C. until these have done their work.

I have to upload the correct table again and change its position in all my work. Phew, endless and thankless labour just to confirm a theory! Anyway, thanks to the little ones for helping me out.:)
Another confirmation of my partiality to Umbelliferae today when there's been a huge build up for a storm over 3 days. My Ancient was drawing Hydrocotyle 12 from across the room. I gave it to all the animals in the food and the whole lot look better for it.

I had given my eyes a lot of Reiki holding Olive convinced that I'll lose them doing so much work in the laptop's glare, and had a headache from it being a Fagaceae and lower down on the totem pole - the eye-pain was from the storm buildup, not from the glare specifically. I know this because Hydrocotyle 12x that I sniffed while putting it in the animals food healed it for me.

I'm still working on the fear remedies, so on Aspen, but I realise Red Chestnut should have been the one I started with, especially to cure them of this electrical build-up. Now I can, since it all adds up.

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