Monday, October 27, 2014

RIP, OldLady

Well, the old girl I picked up three days ago died. She turned out not to be so old by today her sunken eyes freshened up and she was more responsive, but the blood in her stool (this morning is the first time she did anything) and her bloody vomit ensured she died.

Her main Bach remedies were Clematis - She was a very quiet, shy girl, totally bent over with malnutrition but self-reliant; somehow the Ranunculae and the intestines are very related; they also seem to prepare animals for death.
Red Chestnut - maybe this remedy weans them off of Life itself, she drew a heck of a lot in the last two days after she'd stopped drawing Clem.
Olive - this she drew on and off for 2 days, more around Red Chestnut. According to Homedes it prepares animals for death.

I was convinced the Asterias 12- Clem 12 combo will save her from the weather effects, but I was wrong. She initially drew a lot of Physostigma cm and Lahyrus 1m, but I misplaced the Physo bottle and didn't have it to give her in the end - maybe it would have saved her from the respiratory failure that she expired from.:(

In the very end she drew a lot of Cicuta 3 and Hydrocotyle 10m. Cicuta closer to the head at first and Hcot closer to the tail, but by the afternoon, she was drawing Hcot uniformly all along the spine. She slept a bit and then drank some water and died a dozen useless gasps (mouth working but no air being drawn in) later at 3:30 pm. Not that peaceful a death, but her eyes were clear in the end, which makes me hope that I could have prevented it by starting the Hcot earlier. And I was by her side - she didn't die alone on the street, in the rain, ignored by all.

Unfortunately I can't do this for more old dogs since my family and especially my mother sulk and nag for days when I pick up a dog, even if it is dying. I ignore them the best I can when I can't bear to leave a dog suffering, but it doesn't make life easy.

At the time of death, she just looked malnourished rather than old. Poor thing. She died of the same thing Pummi died of and Ancient almost died of (though he's younger, stronger and survived through Hcot 12 and Cicuta ... and those epileptic fits, I think). The two cyclones so close together, one from the Bay of Bengal and the other in the Arabian Sea was just too much for her to survive. Rip, OldLady.

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