Sunday, October 12, 2014

RIP, little black kitten

Stripes' little black one died this morning. It had a higher intelligence and boldness than the other 5 but not the health to go with it. It died of an upper respiratory and diarrhoea combination - it's the same old story, really. I think the only set of kittens that did well was the previous set and I'd given them ... Bacillinum? ... a few times? Can't recall and I should check.

I had added Bryonia 30 and Hydrocotyle 200 to the food along with the epilepsy combo ... I'm wondering if it might have been responsible for the kitten dying. Anyway, I've gone this route of blaming before - if they're just too weak to survive, virtually anything will knock them off life. The cyclone Hubhub that should have made landfall this morning might just have been that thing.

Ancient isn't doing as well either. He hasn't eaten 2 days in a row - barely able to stay focussed long enough to notice the food. His conscious moments are all lost in his spinning-howling frenzy. That has slowed a bit with the Stereotypical Behaviour combo, but not enough to say it has made a difference. But the aggravations are less.

I added a few drops of Chelone Q to his bottle of Stereotypic remedy. I'm beginning to see that worms remain a problem, weather remains a problem even with Bach flower remedies. It can't heal fast enough to cure if the weather doesn't permit. The worms I thought of just with how Ancient was behaving. After adding Chelone, he's sleeping well and was able to move his bowels -- Chelone is super for wormy dogs from past experience.

Still, the only excesses Bach seems to heal are those connected with the Moon cycle - the emotional extremes that prevent the body from healing itself. I noticed the Moon connection immediately - my dogs took to the Bach remedies like fish to water - and that is no small achievement.

Getting the moon cycle out of the way is one of the greatest problems solved in healing. Or at least in letting the body heal itself. But I'm beginning to see that it might not be enough -- seasonal changes, weather changes, rain ... and now worms, all these still need to be addressed for those who are too far gone like the little black kitten and Ancient.

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