Thursday, October 2, 2014

Health made healthier

Those that are healthy get healthier and those that are sick die. I've come to the bitter reflection that kittens and puppies born with an inherited disease, call it miasm if you will - are virtually impossible to heal. Now there's an adorable black kitten born to Stripes, one of 6, who seems to carry every miasm in the book. He's underdeveloped and hasn't developed proper bones or body. How the hell can he be saved when I thought Kitpit was all healed (well, maybe Kitpit would have lived if it hadn't fallen and injured its spine ... so that isn't the best example).

Homeopathy gave me great hope (and still does, actually) because it shakes up that initial handicap - that 'born to die'ness that so many are crippled by. But it is very difficult to change it to perfect health -- either I don't have the sensitivity or the skill to change it, transform it, to glorious health.

Well, I've got to try again, and my nerves are already frazzled.:(
Ok, enough of this depressing stuff. I'm going to develop a positive plan to get the same results from homeopathy as I do with Bach. I've got an idea...

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