Sunday, October 26, 2014

Floundering in epileptic waters

Even though Ancient hasn't had a fit since a week, he's really struggling with his mesntal energies surging whenever it clouds over until around 30 mins after it starts to rain. It's like clockwork. He howls repeatedly, endlessly until he's hoarse and goes round and round anticlockwise until he hits and hurts himself to exhaustion.

It looks like a panic attack. He responds to Rescue remedy, so resembles it on an energy level. Cicuta and Asterias are the main remedies that help him. Rescue doesn't work past a point in the panic state, in fact, none of the Bach remedies work when he's worked himself into a frenzy (or rather, the weather change has).

The other things that keep him quiet for a while are from Compositae - Absinth 30, 1m, Arn 1m - but I wonder if he draws those only because he's hurt himself so often with his desperate rotation.

I've been trying Heather for seeking attention, and it helps him somewhat, but nothing to write home about. But it is from an ancient plant group, the Graminaceae, so maybe a permanent cure comes from a very primitive plant family.

I've just tried Rhododendron, which I loved so much a while ago, and he's quiet at 10m. I'm hoping electro-homeopathy was wrong about it's stimulating qualities! I couldn't handle more of his screaming day and night.
I wish I could cure it completely, but if it's supressed eruptions, it should take a while if ever to come all out. He's such a pain in the butt with his rising cries that can reach earth-shattering volume. I'm so glad no one has yet gone mad from his constant attention seeking, wo/man or dogs.:)

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