Sunday, October 12, 2014

Epilepsy followed by Stereotypical Behaviour

I've been slow in posting because I'm astonished by how much the cats and kites like the Epilepsy formula of Homedes.:) It's not like they have epilepsy - I think it just feels good in their nervous system during a pretty rough monsoon season.

But for Ancient, the old guy, he doesn't have epileptic fits anymore but his screaming wouldn't stop without Hydrocotyle 200.

The fits are replaced by stereotypic behaviour - maybe something older that led to the epilepsy - spinning and senseless getting-stuck-ness (for eg., he sticks his head under a chair and can't figure out how to pull out again, or walks into a corner or wall and can't back out) and ear-splitting yowls.

In fact, he didn't seem quite this insane when he used to have those seizures. That's the amazing thing. When he'd have those terrible seizures, there was a pattern to his behaviour which was normal - he'd eat well, drink any water offered, he'd go out to pee, shit and come back in to fall asleep and then have a seizure after which he'd involuntarily shit or pee again which relieved him and he fell asleep.

His incontinence has come down with the epilepsy formula, but he's stopped drinking water. He eats less now and sometimes doesn't recognize food. It's like his brain has completely rewired into an imbecility without the fits to help blow off the excess.

But I'm still quite taken with this Bach system - I'm trying out another of Homedes' formulas - the one for Stereotypic Behaviour. It was a toss-up between that and the Separation Anxiety formula because this morning when I was out he'd wandered off and got stuck in a gutter 2 houses down. Maybe I'll go on to that combo after the worst of this has passed.

I can't find Impatiens or Rescue so I've replaced it with Passiflora 1m but otherwise I've stuck to his formula: Vervain, Agrimony, White Chestnut and Heather (Rescue and Impatiens).

The first two doses haven't gone down well at all - he's yowling more than ever, getting stuck more than ever. He's walking in a straighter line though once in a while - I've had to give him 3 doses of Hydrocotyle 200 to stabilize him. Fingers crossed that the first few doses are the most aggravating for all remedies.

I really wonder what comes next -- how does someone so blind, so old, so damaged recover? Fingers crossed that all Life finds balance and that I'll have an idea of how to help him through the next stage.

I have to say that though I can't feel the presence of guides much these days, I do feel a sense of continuity. I see so much of my uncle's suffering in this dog that I feel almost like I've been given a second chance to get it right. This is a form of senility and Ancient's just a few steps from hurting himself as badly as my uncle did (5 fractures and no memory of it) which ended in his passing two months later, bedridden.

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