Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Epilepsy and the heart chakra

I've seen how epilepsy can actually be a protective shield in sick animals with Ancient. It allows energy to circumvent blocks to discharge enormous build-up. And it's also a sign of high vitality, even if the diseased body can't utilize it correctly. It is the epitome of the "when there's life, there's hope" philosophy - a tensile, pressure cooker valve in nature.

Ancient is still alive despite the two cyclones that have killed dogs without this outlet. I'm no longer going to treat epilepsy as a problem. I think the problem is in the blocks that need to be found and dissolved.

All this is good in theory, but I'm terrified to think how I'd do it in reality. Ancient's block seems to be at the heart chakra. That's one chakra I'm terrified to work on, in healing and in homeopathy - it stores and lets loose enormous jolts of bioenergy in ways I don't understand.

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