Friday, October 17, 2014

Cyclones, the Immuno-Nervous system and Possible remedies

On the 13th, the cyclone Hubhub made landfall in Andhra Pradesh, but it wasn't news to me. The way the dogs and cats were behaving for 3 days before that, I knew there was something big brewing on the weather front.

The little black kitten dying, mother cats moving their kittens to new locations, the endless, endless piteous begging for food by all the cats, Kenchu peeing in his sleep, Icy's renewed redness of skin, Ancient keeping me awake nights, the excessive excitement of Howl and the irritability of Gunda. The cats and dogs show an immuno-nervous system response probably protective in its ancient wisdom, certainly healthy animals are geared up for climate change, but a killer to the unhealthy and sick.

After years of observing this phenomenon, and now writing about it for a year, I'm so frustrated that I still don't know how to cure it. But here are some things I know from this latest severe weather condition:

* Weather change effects on the body, starting 3 days before, have
- electrical (nervous system),
- barometric (ears, tonsils, throat, immune system) and
- temperature (skin, intestines) components.

* The overall effect resembles an epileptic fit to the body

* In dogs, it has regularity (4 am- 4 pm aggr in dogs), panic and fear, desire to hide, restlessness, muscular stiffness, frequent loss of control (mood, urine), lethargy (loss of consciousness), accelerated repetition, stereotypic behaviours, overexcitation until adaptation (which the sick don't have).

* In cats there's aggression, fear/fearlessness, frequently misdirected signals like binge-hunger, desire to climb, exaggerated reflexes/falls (loss of control), fur standing on end, respiratory/eye glue/suffocated breathing, mucus membranes dry/overproduction and wandering/getting lost (panic/forgetfulness).

* The remedies most drawn in this problem comes from Ranunculaceae (Puls, Staph, Clem, Aco, Ran b/sc, Actea r) and Leguminosae (Physostigma, Cedron, Lathyrus, Baptisia, Indigo, etc.).

* I used to see Rhododendron (Ericaceae) as very useful, but after Kitpit's epileptic fits and reading Electro-homeopathy (where they use it for stimulation, not for relaxation), I've stayed away from it.
This immuno-nervous combination is what I cured in all my sucessful cases -- Borax 50m in Dollu, Causticum and Graphites 50m in Blackie, Asterias in the little white kitten (which improved and then died), Camphora in Kitpit, Gelsemium 50m in Stripes, Physostigma in Icy, Actea r in the black kite, Pulsatilla in the Loop road cancer dog and Pummi (died), Ruta in myself, Terebinth in Rocky/Sakare (died), Ran b in the shelter puppies, Bacillinum in Icy?, Syphilinum in the puppy in the V'ngr poor house set (who grew tall in a week!). If you do a search using "Epilepsy weather' as search words.

[The ones that died I think I used too little, too few doses, was too late, and used very low potencies too tentatively, and that they had a handicap I didn't/couldn't treat simultaneously - Kitpit had that 30 ft fall, Rocky/Sakare had the spinal fracture from the car accident, the little white kitten who was abandoned by the mother was brought to me by the servants after 3 days of starvation in the empty neighbour's house ... and was killed by Pummi. Pummi herself, poor murderess, had tumors, dropsy and finally blood vomit to kill her.]
That's it for now, so sleepy.:) As a kindness to Ancient, I've given him 30 mg of Gardinal today. It's the first time I've used it, so fingers crossed that he isn't hurt by my resorting to allopathy to give him some rest. It's been a lousy week for him, poor darling. I'll do this until I can see him get some of his strength up and homeopathy works. More later on what I did right in those cases soon and Homedes' epilepsy set.

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