Sunday, October 19, 2014

Asterias for Epilepsy - Mataji's confirmation

I found my confirmation that I'm on the right track. Ancient is better with 50m (3 doses), 1m (1 dose) and now 3x (I really don't understand how potencies work). I've given him 2 doses of Cicuta 3x which gave him an aggravation, he drew Cicuta 50m for a few mins and stopped - I know these Umbels are usually drawn after the New Moon so that made sense. Two doses of Rescue when I didn't want to repeat Asterias (I'm afraid to bring on a big aggravation).

He's slightly better today, slept almost 8 hours, between yowling bouts. He had 2 slices of bread,  bowl of milk and a bowl of thick meaty soup in the evening, so it's not food. I'm still worried he won't survive because I could smell the putrifying food in his breath. Still, fingers crossed.

I got a lovely confirmation that I'm on the right track by Mataji's Narayani's mixture for Epilepsy (1m) where she has Asterias with Belladonna, Cicuta and Cuprum met. I'm so glad I checked for it. I did give Ancient Cuprum met 6 twice after with an aggravation before I broke the bottle and didn't repeat it. Anyway, this is a bad time for elements which get absorbed better close to the full moon. The Belladonna might be a good idea since Solanaceae usually triggers around this New Moon time. I'll do that tomorrow.

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