Sunday, October 12, 2014

Another repeat

I feel a sense of continuity in another case today as well.

My street-sweeper told me this morning that there was a small female dog who had wandered into one house and was being chased from it everyday for a week. She couldn't get out of the street because there were so many dogs at the end of it who wouldn't let her pass to the main road. She'd not been fed for all that time (people here being stinking rich but selfish and heartless).

I asked around about her and all the watchmen claimed she'd disappeared down the street. So in a moment of brilliance (if I do say so myself:) I mined all the gutter openings with pieces of bun until I found the one where it was eaten. I've fed her with all the leftovers of my dogs (and gave her a dose of the Traumatism formula) so she's fed for tonight.

Three years ago, Blackie the dog was in the same stretch of gutter for 6 months, traumatized and terrified. I feel like I'm being given a chance to do it right this time - Blackie died last year and I and the dogs have missed her playfulness ever since. I never treated her for her trauma, for her fear. I hope treating those in this new one is the way to avoid the deeper miasm from awakening. It was the miasm that killed Blackie, the disease that had stayed in check for a really long time through her youth and stressful life. Just as she began to get more confident and enjoy herself, Diwali came along and awoke all her fears again, leaving her puking up even water until she died.

This time I'm going to clear the crippling fear and trauma first, and then treat the body with Homeopathy. I hope this female recovers fully and lets me make up for letting Blackie down.

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