Sunday, October 26, 2014

Another old dog

I picked up another even older female yesterday, even sicker than Ancient. I couldn't leave her to die on the streets, especially wet and exhausted, with Diwali firecrackers going off all around. She's barely able to stand up, has a huge boil that's burst on her throat (pus mixed with blood) and is about as dehydrated as Ancient was. I'll call her Eve.

She's responding to:
Bach: Vervain (inflammation),Vine (pus), Olive (exhaustion), Clematis (quietly suffering)
Homeopathy: Asterias 12, Cicuta 12, Lathyrus 1m, Hcot 30, Absinth 1m (all three storm/nervous system remedies).

Need to try Hepar sulph. She isn't eating though she drinks milk and water. I don't hold out much hope for her - she's given up, poor thing.
Just as an aside, Ancient is so jealous of her that when I put them in the same part of the room, he would trample all over her and twice was lying on top of her! I've had to divide up the room so that she won't be suffocated and smothered by this crazy, juvenile epileptic! lol.

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