Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another kitten died this morning.:(

Another of Stripes' kittens died this morning. Again, female on the threshold of puberty like Kitpit, Beauty, and all the others. The diarrhoea was white, and the same elongation and dehydration.

She drew Graphites (liver?), Sweet Chestnut (anguish), Scleranthus (cyclicity) and Cerato (uncertainty?) and Asterias (immunity).

This combination actually gave me a lot of hope that she could be saved because it pointed to:
1. a delay in puberty - a hormonal insufficiency which would explain all the pre-teen female deaths in our animals. In fact, it would explain the preteen death syndrome we call "distemper".
2. Sweet Chestnut which she drew more strongly than the others is from the Forehead/Sacral set which would explain the pituitary connection of delayed growth hormones.These animals have very narrow, delicate paws and a delicate skeletal structure hanging in a balance of uncertainty.
3. Scleranthus and Cerato are from the lower sacral/forehead connection - so again connected to the ovaries and testes. Scleranthus has a cyclicity connection which is both weather-related and periodic like menses. It's part of Homedes formula for epilepsy for its periodic repetition.

The homeopathic equivalent for Sweet Chestnut is Castanea Vesca (whooping cough, diarrhoea, thick urine, weak back: Boericke; abdominal walls sensitive, rumbling pain: Clarke) with others like Rumex crispus, Ostrya, Stellaria, Rheum in the family; Cerato and Scleranthus have no equivalents but share the family with Kreosotum, Quercus and Fagus. (She drew Quercus and Rumex, but too late. RIP, kitten. I wish I could have helped you.)

Poor things. I wish I could figure it out soon enough to heal them.

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