Thursday, October 30, 2014

Yet another kitten death and a realization

The last one of the balcony kittens died today. Barely opened it's eyes a week ago. The two kittens born with it died somewhere else.

There's a cat, let me call her Cleo, who keeps her kittens on a neighbour's balcony. The house is empty, but there are regular visits by the servants of the house. Kitpit was one of her kittens.

She had 3 kittens a week before Diwali and the two cyclones hit the subcontinent. Poor thing, she bravely sheltered the kittens with her body through all that trauma - the fireworks, the rain, the thunder and lightning. This went on a whole week.

The exposure and cold killed one the first week. I didn't try to help because she was so stressed and hissing if I even looked their way. Then the servants came to clean and I went to check on the kittens and found she had moved them. She barely came to eat for a week, and now I know why. She came with only one surviving kitten last night and kept it in one of my brother's cars.

I knew that the mother brought this kitten back hoping I'd be able to help it, but she's so feral, I thought I'd give it a night. I ignored it's cries all night and when I checked in the morning, the mother hadn't gone near it. The kitten came to me happily and calmed down with Rescue and a hot water bottle. After 3 doses, it slept into its death.

At the same time, Ancient inadvertently stepped on a very sick rat and it died as well a half hour after the kitten. Ancient himself is very sick hardly able to stand up. The muscles of his hindlegs have knots in them - I've treated it in some dogs in the past but I can't recall the remedy ... physostigma or lathyrus or something else?

The post-cyclone/storm weakness in their systems is very hard to understand or treat. It is electrical - or very similar to the weakness that follows an electric shock. How ... I don't know.

I've come to the conclusion that if I can learn to heal them in this lifetime, it will have to come by serendipity or sheer luck. I'm no closer to clear guidelines to healing than I was 2 years ago. All the same problems plague me without a clear idea of what will move it to the next level. Really disheartening.

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