Saturday, October 18, 2014

A honeymoon begins with Electro-homeopathy

My honeymoon with Bach flower remedies seems to have worn out with the ferocity of Cyclone Hudhud's effect on the animals! Bach can't work its wonders in weather-related degeneration.

But that reality is a huge learning experience for me. I was struggling to figure out what homeopathic remedies relate to the moon cycle, which ones are primarily weather related, and which ones are independent of both. Without Bach flower remedies being so clearly related to the moon cycle, I would never have developed the clarity with which I see the weather effects today.

The body electric: Immuno-nervous connection:
Asterias is at the center of my new knowledge about healing for the body's reaction during these extreme weather shifts, especially at the end of the monsoon. Physostigma is another. Camphora a little earlier with Kitpit, etc. I haven't yet got to really checking them out - I've stuck with Asterias 3, 6 this time.

But Viscum Album was in the list my search generated, and that reminded me that I've always wanted to try Electro-Homeopathy's main remedies which I didn't have in my home. They're secretive, which is silly, but I think they've got a good idea of the connection between the earth changes and the body's electric.

I've got a vague idea of what they're about from what I've read. I most especially want to try Viscum Album (white, general invigoration) and Sambucus (yellow, mitigating), Populus (green, mitigating) which are for the opposite of what Rhododendron (red, stimulating) and Capsella (blue, stimulant) do.

If I got so many results from Rhododendron, inadvertently, I have often thought how much more I'd get out of using the right remedy the way Electro Homeopathy has studied been using it. The minute I got the idea that weather hurts their electrical integrity yesterday, I decided to follow it up. After all, Bach flower remedies have astonished me so recently with Gunda's transformation, and all the other dog's peaceful growth..

This morning I got the rest, all in 6x, and had instant success with Sambucus. The effect was more relaxing to Ancient than Gardinal 30 mg. Gardinal disappointingly worked only for an hour last night, after which the tremors returned to be healed by Asterias; this morning it worked for 2 hours, so I've still kept them around for more tries in case the length builds up with more use. Sambucus (maybe working with Asterias) worked for 4 hours in the first dose, letting Ancient recover enough from virtually continuous small seizures and panic to a point when he could eat and drink.

Just now Ancient drew Viscum Alb 6x over Rescue (and Rescue used to give him so much relief before! Do our bodies get immune to some remedies?) just before a panic attack or a build up to an epileptic fit. More when I have more. I haven't tried Populus yet (it's Aspen in Bach flower remedies, which he's drawn but I've not followed up on).

My fingers are crossed as a new cyclone develops over Chennai-Ceylon. Don't want to lose another animal if I can help it.
19 Oct update: Disappointingly, only two doses worked to relax Ancient. Beyond that he was suffering again. Of course, I haven't used the electrohomeopathic version, just a homeopathic version of the Samb 6x, but like Bach, the force of the weather changes just can't be met by either more doses or by the remedy.

Asterias rules and even though I hate that it is an animal source (the poor starfish), it meets most of the symptoms better than any remedy before it. Cicuta compliments it.

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