Thursday, September 11, 2014

Value in Bach theory

I feel like my capacity to understand energy, something, has expanded greatly to be able to use Bach Flower remedies. At all. It simply didn't make sense to me before, and didn't seem to help the dogs back when I tried it last. I'm astonished that I see the value in it today - that I can visibly see it working on the dogs.

Though not so much now as when I first used it a week ago - maybe a diminishing returns situation as the later doses become almost irrelevant compared to the value they provided at the start.

One thing that I learnt which I can apply to both Homeopathy and Bach is how they don't use more than 7 remedies together because it's "too much information" on the energy level. That makes sense for homeopathy as well. Maybe this is the main objection that homeopaths should use to limit the use of mixtures.:)

The other interesting thing I realised was how much energy is wasted in emotion that could be used better in healing ourselves. This again makes sense for homeopathy as well. If all our energy is expended in an aggravation, how much healing can we achieve? For weaker animals, it makes sense to use low potencies to achieve results rather than the high potencies.

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