Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Understanding the bite! Ty, Homedes!!

Here's a MUST-DOWNLOAD from Homedes "The handbook of Bach flower remedis for Animals"

I screwed up my courage (as usual, I'm so afraid of my energy not flowing or not finding the remedy that it takes me a lot of courage to make the attempt ... I should probably find the flower remedy for that kind of starting trouble!:) and went with the few remedies I have to try on Gunda.

These are the remedies he drew: Vine (strongly), Cherry Plum (very strongly), Crab Apple, Rescue Remedy, Eucalyptus 6 and Shock (Mataji Narayani's combo). There was an immediate aggravation of aggression within 15 mins, but later he seemed to love what I did for him. So, Bach healers, it isn't true that there is no aggravation in flower remedies. There is.:)

I downloaded and read the book above for why. I can tell you I was cut to the core by the truth of it, the sadness especially with Cherry Plum. It is given to puppies that are taken away too young from their moms (below 4 months). My poor Gunda was only about 2 weeks old, he'd barely opened his eyes when I found him by the roadside. How very appropriate that he learnt no imprinting from his parent, and what I teach him has so little impact and confuses him.:( I'm the only parent he knows and now I'm not letting him into the gate which is probably confusing him further.

I need to add Chestnut bud (Aesculus) to the mix -- apparently it helps them to learn new things and goes well with the inappropriately aggressive and dominant ones. I felt a well of compassion for this poor orphaned Gunda.

Fascinating too is that Aesculus is from the set next to the Umbells. More on the coincidence later.

Crab Apple is for stuffed anal glands (he rubs his butt often on the ground ... used to think it was worms, but read somewhere it can be anal glands as well).

Vine, of course, because he is alpha, the first born (I saw his siblings 2 months after, 3 in pretty bad shape after having survived on their own (all locally adopted but probably didn't survive); the mother had probably died or was picked up for spaying by a dog van leaving these to fend for themselves, not returned to the same area).

Rescue for the trauma, past and present because he can't understand why he's locked out.

Eucalyptus 6 and mataji's Shock ... infection the former and maybe trauma again for the latter.

Do read!! So many insights for an animal lover! And it does work - the cats are really not brawling from the last two days and Gunda's handling his abandonment by me so much better in the last 4 doses.

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