Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The persistence of energy medicines

Just as with Homeopathy, I've found that dogs don't draw the same remedy in Bach flowers two days in a row. I used to be surprised when Homeopaths would say TDS (three times daily) but the Bachists say 'at least 6 times daily' which is worse!:).

The only animal who's drawn the same remedy over 2 days has been Kitpit, and that is Honeysuckle (nostalgia, yearning for the past) and it is understandable since she was abandoned by her mother and is probably now dying of some wasting disease, unable to play and have fun like she used to, avoided by other cats.

The thing is that these remedies act powerfully (at least for over 24 hours) but there are layers to the problem, and there's always another remedy that is needed. So it's like a rotation. That's how I see homeopathy doing as well, and I'm clumsily attempting to follow.

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