Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rock Rose for paralysis following Trauma

If only I had checked out Bach before Kitpit fell.:(

I read Homedes' cases where he heals so many kinds of partial paralysis (bladder, intestinal, limb, etc) with Rock Rose for post-trauma paralysis. She need not have necrosed and got paralysed in her bowels and kidney. I must keep this in mind when I'm trying to heal another cat that falls.

I must say though that Rock Rose euthanized Kitpit in the end - it probably paralysed the heart or lungs in the aggravation (even Ancient had an aggravation when I gave him Rock Rose just now - all Bach Remedies have aggravations, I don't understand why nobody seems to notice it in them). But it was a good thing - Kitpit was struggling to let go.

I've noticed that 2ce a day suffices for most remedies and combos (except for Epilepsy combo which they draw like crazy during this monsoon - 4 - 6 times a day at least for Ancient and Kenchu). And they don't draw it for over a week.

I must say though that his recomendation to give the remedy 4- 6 times a day seems really hard on the healer! I wonder how he did it, especially in a shelter situation. I find it really hard to heal one or two at a time, let alone a shelter of 20-50 animals, giving 6 doses a day. He'd probably have to start at one end and then come back to the start and repeat the process 6 times! Naw. I'm sure he just does one or two animals at a time - or he isn't writing about his failures - the dogs he's missed, the ones that died and those that didn't heal

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